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GH's Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) gives fans a chance to get up-close and personal.As a longtime GH viewer, Sheri Evener has seen actors come and go. "I've been watching since the Luke, Laura and Scotty days" says the 46-year old mother of two. "  But there hasn't been anyone who's gotten to me like Tyler."Learning that Christopher's existing fan club had all but disbanded, Evener decided to take matters into her own hands -- and put them to work on her computer keyboard. "I started an on-line fan club in August 1997," she explains. "I didn't know anything about Web-page making. It was just something I wanted to do."  So Evener, who by day works as an administrative assistant for Ohio University, taught herself programming, and soon, a site was born: http://www.tylerchristopher.com. By October, the site had generated so much interest that the actor gave it his official stamp of approval.

Last July, Evener expanded her cyber-efforts to include the official off-line fan club, Tyler's Team. The more traditional club offers correspondence by mail through bimonthly newsletters, photos and memoriabilia -- all about the GH star. "It as a great vote of confidence for me," she relates. "  Tyler said, 'Do whatever you have to do,' which told me that he really trusted me."  Currently, Tyler's Team has 100 members and counting, and there are almost 1,000 fans who participate over the Internet. On-line membership is free -- simply log on to the official site and submit an application. The on-line club hosts weekly chats, and Christopher appears monthly talk with his fans.  

The Show Must Go On
Despite rumors of Christopher's impending exit from GH, Evener assures his Teammates that the club will stay intact. "Tyler and I have talked about that, she reveals. "And whatever he decides, he wants to continue Tyler's Team."And Evener will continue her efforts on Christopher's behalf, including her support of his favorite charity, the Choctaw National Higher Education Program Fund (ed's note: should have been Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Higher Education Program Fund). "Tyler's heritage is Choctaw and Seneca Indian," she says. "The profits from his fan event will go to it."Finally, concludes Evener, "Tyler's Teammates are dedicated to supporting this amazing actor where his talents may lead him. I am honored to be associated with Tyler, and hope to bring [Christopher and his fans] closer together through his fan club."

Several photos accompany the article:Photo 1 (of Tyler) "Tyler gives his fans special treatment," says club president Sheri Evener.  Photo 2 (of teammates and Tyler) At a recent appearance in Ohio, Christopher posed with Teammates Karla Moore, Melisa Donnelly, Cheryl Bobowicz and Katie O'Donnell.P  hoto 3 - (of teammate and Tyler) Christopher has been instrumental in encouraging charter Teammate Leah Recht to pursue an acting career.  Photo 4 - (of Tyler and I) "The thing I like the most about Tyler is his honesty," says Evener. "And I can tell him anything. The more I get to know him the more I like him."  Article also includes information on how to Join Tyler's Team and about the upcoming Fan Event.

Source: Soaps In Depth -- June 1999

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