May 4, 1998 Chat Transcript

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ANGELIBA: Hi Tyler, this is Eva from Staten Island, question is: What types of roles do you see yourself playing
Tyler: Roles about life, relationship, love, tragedies, anything that every person in the world can relate to. Those type of roles.

BlvedsGrl1: Hi Tyler. My name's Katie. I'm from VA. How do you feel about Bob Guza breaking up Sarah and Nikolas?
Tyler: I actually agreed with it because I think the relationship wasn't deep enough and complex enough and wasn't realistic.

CopperB4: HI Tyler. My name is Joy. Have you been on any auditions lately for new roles?
Tyler: Yes, I'm currently auditioning and doing really well. I've been successful and have a few other projects in the works that I can't really talk about yet but hopefully by this time next chat we can talk about those.

GHdiehard: Hi Tyler, I'm Linds, from MA, Can you give us any hint as to what's to come for Nikolas!??
Tyler: There's going to be another big trial coming up which I will be actively involved in. Defending Stefan.

GHfrisco: Hi Tyler, I am Michele from Chicago. If you could write a scene for Nik, what would it be about?
Tyler: Good question. It would be about what his real relationship to his uncle is.

Halosky: HI!! I just want to know if we will read about your wedding anywhere? When will it happen?
Tyler: You won't read about it anywhere because we don't talk about it to the magazines.

HBK 391: Hi Tyler, this is Melissa from Cleveland, where do you see yourself in 5 yrs? (Go Tribe)!
Tyler: I see myself in five years - hopefully I will have moved on from here and pursued other projects, other roles, like the ones I told you about earlier. Either films, television or theater.

KatNgirl15: Heyyy Tyler, this is Katie and Melissa from Fl, we're going to NYC the emmy weekend are you going to enjoy the city too or just stop by to grab your award? Which you WILL win! :)
Tyler: Yeah I'm going to see a Broadway show, my dad's coming. If I get there early enough maybe play some golf -- I have friends in New York.

LeahLuvsGH: Yea! Hi Tyler! My name is Leah from smalltown Manchester, Ohio. I'm an aspiring actress. Do you have any suggestions on how I would make it out of Ohio and to LA and maybe even on GH?
Tyler: Save as much money as you can. Come out here and scout a location to live. Get pictures done (head shots) and then a mass mailing list to agents and hopefully someone will call you back and call you in. And get in a theater group and a class.

Mickey2814: Hi Tyler My name is Lindsey from MD. How do you like working with Kimberly McCullough and what do you think of the Robin/Jason/Nikloas triangle? Good Luck at the Emmys!
Tyler: I'm hopeful that will come about - I'm not positive that it will. I love working with Kimberly. They are being really careful about putting us together. No real decisions have been madeyet.

OY55: Hi Tyler I am Maryann from Chicago. Can you tell us who you share a dressing room with on the set of GH And congrats on your Emmy nomination
Tyler: I have my own dressing room and thank you.

Powder217: Hi Tyler, Denise from Bronx, NY..  Now that your on-line FC is going successfully will you consider an off-line FC for those without computers??
Tyler: Yes, I would but I wouldn't know how to construct one.

SPHSMEL: Hey Tyler! It's Melissa and Katie from FL again!  We recently talked to Steve, Billy, and Michelle Gross about acharity project going on here at "All Children's Hospital" in FL. We  know you are pretty in volved in charities. Do you think you'd be interested in participating in a charity luncheon here?

Tyler: Yeah when is it.
KatNgirl15: It's this Summer Tyler

KatNgirl15: In St.Pete,Fl...WE HAVE GOLF! lol

SPHSMEL: This summer in June.

SPHSMEL: Late June.

Tyler: Don't have anything planned right now.

TwistyFate: Tyler this is Emilie from Pa.I was wondering if you read the book I made you from the club & what your favorite part was. I think you deserve the Emmy for Best Younger Actor more than anyone in the category. I love you and VM and wanted to thank you for coming! No other actors do and it makes us grateful. We hope you enjoy us as we enjoy you!
Tyler: Yes, I did. And thank you. I have it right now but I have to look at it again to pick out a favorite.

Adc13: Was it fun at Super Soap Weekend. Did you have a good time? What was it like behind the scenes and do you plan on returning again next year??

Tyler: I had a great time - never been to Disney World before and I plan on being there next year

BrenTwin: Tyler- I love you- You are wonderful- I'm going to waste all of my time praising you. Who is YOUR favorite actor/why?
Tyler: I've got a few of those. I have to say Al Pacino, Marlon Brando and Jack Nicholson because they have a soulfulness about themselves and an intense reality that I hope to some day matchup to.

CAN480: Hi Tyler, this is Candice from NJ, thanks forgetting back to me so quickly about Project Graduation are u still interested in participating, or even sending GH paraphenalia to raffle off that evening?
Tyler: Don't know if I can participate but if not I will gladly send some scripts, or t-shirt or anything I can -- you can go through Sheri for that.

EJack57947: Will Nikolas do something, other than just sitting, at the Nurses' Ball this year?
Tyler: I can tell you I won't be doing an act but you will see me do the Russian Waltz in the not so distance future

Mahome: You have a striking resemblance to a young, gorgeous, sexy "Elvis"... can you sing? Is there a musical in your future?
Tyler: I would like to but it would take months and months of voice training to get me to a mediocre level. I'm not going to say I'm a horrible singer but to do the level on Broadway I would want to make sure I was good. But I'd love it.

PiPpYGiRl1: Tyler-Hey this is Annie (remember me??) I was wondering if you think the Tribe will win the Series this year (PLEEZsay yes LOL)
Tyler: I'm hopeful.

Rainee98: If you could play any role -- tv, movies, theatre- what would it be?
Tyler: I'd like to play someone who is dying and ended up dying at the end of the movie.

TwistyFate: And what show would you like to be on?
Tyler: ER/NYPD for drama -- for a sitcom I think it would be Mad About You.

Toni7babe: Is it hard to play a teen since u are such a man???
Tyler: It is difficult. Younger people react to certain situations in a different way and I have to remind myself of that. Teenagers, including myself when I was one, react more defensively in a lot of situations and I have to remind myself to keep doing that.

Toni7babe: Tyler Do u like basketball I am from Chicago and big Bulls fan , are u
Tyler: I love basketball.

missing question
Tyler: I want to finish my conflict with Laura

TwistyFate: Tyler: Out of all characters who do you wan tNik with and who would you like to interact with that you have notyet?
Tyler: I'd love to work with Steve Burton and his storyline

KatNgirl15: Where did you get your cool glasses?
Tyler: I got them from a store out here called Fred Segal

Powder217: Where do you play golf while in NY?
Tyler: I haven't got a chance to play there yet. Last year I wanted to play but I was too busy so I'm going to try again this year

CopperB4: Have you worked with Genie yet since she came back?
Tyler: No not yet

HBK 391: Do you come home to OHIO often?
Tyler: Two or three times a year.

OY55: Is there anyone that you would like to do scenes with on GH that you haven't done already.
Tyler: I loved to do a scene with Maurice.

LeahLuvsGH: What did you want to be when you were a kid????
Tyler: I wanted to be a baseball player

HBK391: Will you be having more scenes with VANESSA
Tyler: I don't know - I hope so - I hope they make us friends.

HBK 391: What has been your most memorable fan encounter??
Tyler: I was at an appearance don't remember where but an elderly woman tried to kiss me.

Tyler: Thank you for waiting. (editor's note: The chat was scheduled for 9PM but Tyler called and had two more scenes to do so we waited until he was done! -- and it was worth the wait)




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