Chicago Appearance Q&A - May 31, 1998

Question and Answer Session at
Mardi Gras Showboat Appearance

May 31, 1998Fan1: How did you learn to dance like you did at the ball?
Tyler: Um, the day before, I took a one hour crash lesson onthe waltz!

Fan1: Well you did excellent -- it was beautiful.
Tyler: Trick cameras! (audience laughs) If the cameras wereon my feet, you wouldn't say that. It was very difficult.

Fan1: You looked very good.
Tyler: Thank you.

Fan2: Do you keep in touch with Mary Beth.
Tyler: (doesn't quite know how to answer that -- the audience kept yelling "she didn't leave" and Tyler laughed) I think she'sgoing to be back. Yeah, they kind of left that open -- that she wasn't completely dead -- she might be buried but she's not dead!" (audience laughs) 

Fan3: How about the French. Did you learn to speak that for theshow or do you know French.
Tyler: No I don't know French. Whatever you heard me say --I had no idea what I was saying (audience laughs) I just learned how to pronounce it. But I took French in school but that doesn't mean anything.

Fan4: Are you going to find out Stefan's your father.
Tyler: Uh yes, I believe the audience knows -- right (he asksthe audience and they respond yes) okay - they're kind of saving that-- that'll be a big whole storyline.

Fan5: Are you and Vanessa married.
Tyler: Not yet. Not yet. Soon I hope.
Fan6: Are you going to Super Soap Weekend.
Tyler: Super Soap Weekend? Yes, I'll be there.


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