AOL Chat September 1996

Tyler Christopher's First Online Chat with Fans
September 1996 

OnlineHost: Welcome to the ABC Auditorium. Today we're talking with Tyler Baker, who portrays Nikolas Cassadine on GENERAL HOSPITAL. Raised in shadows and secrecy by his uncle Stefan, Nikolas has finally come face to face with his mother, Laura Spencer, -- and a history that he's only now beginning to understand. His first airdate was July 15, 1996.

OnlineHost: Tyler Baker grew up in Delaware, Ohio, the youngest of four children. Following graduation from Delaware Hayes High School, Tyler attended Ohio Wesleyan University for two years before heading to California to pursue an acting career.

OnlineHost: Although his first effort proved to be a false start, Tyler returned to Hollywood in 1995 and set his sights in earnest, working as a bartender and waiter while doing the requisite rounds of auditions. Several television guest shots, and a part in the independent feature film "Common Bonds," resulted before being cast as Nikolas on GENERAL HOSPITAL.

Question: How do you like working with Jonathan Jackson? Does he have a girlfriend?
ABCStar: Jonathan's a really great actor. It's very comfortable working with him. He was the first person I worked with on my first day. Despite what you see on screen, we are really good friends in real life. That makes it easier to do what we do.

Question: What is going to happen with your character?
ABCStar: I would like to see Nikolas resolve his conflict with Laura.

Question: when you first started GH did you feel at all intimidated by Stephen Nichols, Genie Francis or Tony Geary?
ABCStar: Not so much Stephen because we had a great relationship right off the bat. I was so new to daytime that I was a little intimidated about working with Tony and Genie.

Question: do you like it better in california than ohio?
ABCStar: I'd have to say "Yes" on that one!

Question: were you aware of the history between the spencer family and the cassadines when you joined GH?
ABCStar: Yes, I did a little of my own research on the history of the story of the Cassadines.

Question: do you get recognized in public a lot now? does it bother you?
ABCStar: It doesn't bother me, it's just a little weird. I don't quite know what to think of it yet.

Question: some actors feel they are looked down on in the industry for being on a soap opera, how do you feel about that? do you think it will hinder your career?
ABCStar:I think it's too early to think about that. When my time is up, I will evaluate it and go from there.

Question:  this is jesse again, what's it like working with the beautiful vanessa marcil? By the way, u're a cutie.
ABCStar: Thanks, but I haven't worked with Vanessa yet.
Question:  Hi Tyler! Are you aware of your on-line Guardian Angels Fan club? And, would you ever consider joining in on one of our chats? We think you are GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kim ;-) an angel President of Nik C Guardian Angels
ABCStar: Yes, I'm aware of the fan club. I would join in a chat sometime. I don't have AOL myself however.

Question: Can you give any clues as to the future of your character and where the storyline is going?
ABCStar: That's really up to the writers.

Question: Tyler, I was wondering how you got into acting and how old you are. Gina
ABCStar: I just fell into acting and ended up liking it.

Question: Do you plan on making any appearances any time soon? ;-) Your Angels
ABCStar: I'll be making my first personal appearance in February. I think I'm starting off in New York.

Question: are u ever going to become close with your mom laura
ABCStar: I think that is probably inevitable.

Question: What besides acting are your hobbies and how old are u?
ABCStar: I do a lot of traveling.

Question: How old is Nikolas supposed to be on the show? Will he get a love interest?
ABCStar: Nikolas is 16. I think he will probably get a love interest in the future.

Question: Hi there--I recently attended a workshop with Mark Teschner and I think he's a brilliant man. What was your audition like and who did you work off of in the final callback?
ABCStar: Mark is really great. He gave me my opportunity. I read with Stephen Nichols in my final callback.

Question: Who is your most favorite person to work with on the show?
ABCStar: It would be impossible for me to choose one person. Everybody has been so great to me.

Question: ~Tyler~ I just wanted to tell you that I think you are sooo cute. my question is: Who do you hang out with on the show? @--<---<--------
ABCStar: Steve Burton (Jason) and I play golf together.

Question: What do you like the least about your job??
ABCStar: I'm so new to this that I haven't been frustrated by anything yet,

Question: I enjoy watching your scenes. What is it like working with Genie Francis?
ABCStar: One word -- amazing! She is so good.

Question: Love you, Tyler. What nationality are you?
ABCStar: American Indian.

Question: Tyler...I'm from Delaware too. I go to Olentangy. We play Hayes on Friday in football. Do you miss your hometown?
ABCStar: Yes I do. I still try to get back there from time to time to visit my family.

Question: are u going to the mgm super soap weekend? I'll be there Jesse
ABCStar: No, I won't be able to make it.

Question: What direction would you like Nikolas to go in and who would like to work with on the show?
ABCStar: I'd like Nikolas to resolve his conflicts and I'd like to work with Maurice Benard (Sonny)

Question: Who was the most helpful when you started at GH??
ABCStar: Stephen Nichols because I worked with him a lot the first few weeks. He's been doing this for a while and he took me under his wing.

Question: are you single?
ABCStar: Yes, I'm single.

Question: Do you feel that you have to live up to certain expectations when working with greats like Anthony Geary and Genie Francis?
ABCStar: I don't try to match them because they are unmatchable. I try to stay with them and do the best that I can.

Question: what were you doing before you joined G.H?
ABCStar: I was just pounding the pavement like everyone else trying to make it in LA.

Question: Who is the most influential person in your life & why?
ABCStar: : My brother. He pretty much made me what I am today.

Question: Are you ever going to smile on the show?
ABCStar: I was wondering the same thing myself LOL! It will happen.

Question: Tyler: this isn't an acting questions. I'm at work right now at Ohio University. Have you ever been to one of our famous Halloween parties??

Question: what is your favorite food?
ABCStar: Chicken Parmesan is my favorite.

Question: i am 16 years old and have the biggest crush on you!! how old are you and when did you start acting?
ABCStar: I started acting about a year and a half ago.

Question: How did you stay still for so long when you were doing the hospital scenes?
ABCStar: That was easy. I just had to lay there. It went quickly -- it looks longer on TV.

Question: How do you like living in California compared to Ohio
ABCStar: I like it because it is a challenge. And, there is more opportunity here.

Question: How did you spend your first paycheck?
ABCStar: I sent half to my mother.

Question: I met you at the GH Luncheon in July. Was that your first Fan Club Gathering? What did you think of it? and do you have any other events coming up your planning to attend?
ABCStar: That was overwhelming. It was my first taste of what they were like. It was a lot of fun to be there.

Question: Do you have any funny stories to tell?
ABCStar: The first day I was shooting, I got stuck in the elevator on the Nurses Station set. I didn't realize there was a secret door in the back. I figured that since they had put me in there, they would let me out. Everyone got a laugh out of that one.

Question: Tyler are you a "regular" on you "surf" the internet?
ABCStar: No, this is my first time online.

Question: Hey Tyler, could you tell us what you wanted to be when you were a child?
ABCStar: I wanted to play professional baseball.

Question: Do you have any siblings?
ABCStar: : I have two sisters and one brother. All older.

Question: do you think nikolas will be in PC for the long haul?
ABCStar: I hope so!

Question: Which part of your character do you feel is the hardest to portray. Showing your emotions or keeping them inside?
ABCStar:  It's not hard to show emotions. Sometimes it's hard to connect with LesleyLu because I had never spoken to a baby like that. It's getting easier all the time, however.

Question: Does Nikolas know what his family did to Laura and What kind of man his father was?
ABCStar: Yes, he knows. And, Nikolas is trying to draw his own conclusions.

Question: It is amazing how much you actually look like little Lesley Lu. Are you related to her? Is she Genie Francis's daughter?
ABCStar: This isn't the first time I've heard that I look like LesleyLu. We are not related and she is not Genie's real life child.

Question: Besides Nikolas who is your favorite character?
ABCStar: I like the character of Luke a lot. So much has happened to him. I think it would be a fun role to play.

Question: When's your birthday?
ABCStar: November 11.

Question: Is it hard to memorize all the lines?
ABCStar: At first it was but having to do it everyday has made it easier. Now, I can pick up a script in the morning and have it ready to go by the afternoon.

ABCStar: We have time for one more question.....

Question: What is your favorite part about being on the show?
ABCStar: I love the fact that there is so much for Nikolas to do. He is going through so much turmoil now. It's a strong character and lots of fun to play.

OnlineHost Thank you joining us today. Nikolas just left to go back to the set but said that he would love to come online in the future.

OnlineHost: Thank you for joining us today. Don't forget to watch Tyler on GENERAL HOSPITAL every Monday through Friday at 3:00 PM, ET, on the ABC Television network.

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