Wonderland in Canada - July 1997

Canada's Wonderland Appearance
July 1997

I tried to transcribe the tape as best I could. It was extremely difficult at times to hear what Tyler or the host and/or fan was asking. So this question and answer transcript may be a bit confusing at times. There was a lot of joking around between the four actors but I tried to stick just to the questions and answers. I didn't indicate if the question was from a fan or the host -sometimes the fan would ask a question and the host would repeat it or ask another one.

How old are you Tyler?

Q: Are you engaged?
A: Yes

Q: Are you really truly engaged.
A: Really truly engaged.

Q: Does she have a ring. Did you buy her a fat diamond ring?
A: Yeah, actually I had it made myself.

Q: You designed it?
A: Yes, I did.

Q: Do you readyour fan mail. Do you answer it or does someone else do it for you?
A: Yes, I read most of my fan mail and then I ship it off to my mother back in Ohio. She answers every single one. Every single one.

Q: So you were born and raised in Ohio.
A: I was born in Illinois and raised in Ohio for about 20 years now.

Q: Did youbring Vanessa?
A: No, I was going to but at the last minute she couldn't make it!

Q: Any influence in storyline development?
A: Well, if you make the kind of money Stephen makes you can do anything you want. (Stephen answers: what is he talking about!)

Q: Boxers o rbriefs?
A: Neither

Q: Is anything going to happen between Sarahand Nikolas....
A: It's, uh, but, I think it's going to happen. (J. Jackson interjects "soundpretty confident") But I'vegot this guy here and he wants her too.(JJ: "I saw her first") Yousaw her first. (Host interjects to Tyler - "are you going to let himget away with that?) Absolutely not! (JJ: "he'sa Cassadine).

Q: Why did you decide to change your name from Tyler Baker to Tyler Christopher?
A: Aaaahhhh, that's a good question. I wanted to do it for a long time and I really don't have a specific reason why. Um, I started to do it a few years back and, uh, you have to go through a big process and courts -- really -- it's a long process. I started doing it before I got on the show and it happened after the show and that's why the hype about it so I really don' thave a reason for it.

Q: Is Christopher your middle name.
A: Yeah, it's not really changing my name.

Q: Your real name is?
A: Tyler Christopher Baker.

Q: Do you have any brothers or sisters.
A: Older brother, 2 older sisters.

Q: What doe syour older brother do?
A: School teacher.

Q: What's it like watching Ingo and Vanessa kiss (Ingo then made some remark abouta threesome with Tyler.
Q: Ingo who are you kissing?
A: My wife

Q: What's tha tlike? (Referring to Tyler watching them kiss)
A: I wouldn't notice - that's when I change to Oprah!

How d oyou guys feel about Port Charles. Do you ever watch the show?
A: They moved some of the people from GH, Kevin, Lucy, Mike.
(Ingo says he has a funny story about that and Tyler responds: "No one wants to hear it Ingo."

Q: What month and day is your birthday?
A: I will be 25 on November 11.

Q: What kind of music do you like?
A: I'm a blues man. I listen to a lot of Stevie???, Eric Clapton.

Q: What do you do in your spare time?
A: Spare time! Uh, I spend most of my time with Vanessa. We always do something together on weekends, we go somewhere, hang out. Sometimes occasionally I'll go over and hang out with Steve Burton. Steve and I were friends before the show and uh,we do a lot of things together, you know, outside the show.

Q: How long is an average workday for you guys?
A: It's so sporadic. Sometimes you're there 2 hours sometimes you're there 16 - there's no real -- even an average -- it wouldn't be accurate. It's difficult. We really have an unorthodox style of taping that's different from all the other shows. But if you're Ingo, you're there all day cause he never knows his lines.

Q: Do any of you have any nicknames?
A: Ah, my brother gave me one when I was real little. He calls me - everyone started calling me chief because of my native american background. So that kind of stuck with me for about 15 years.

Q: How old is Sarah Webber on the show?
A: Her character?

Q: How old isher character and how old is she.
A: Her character (turns to JJ) did they say-- she's 17. You know, I don't know how old she is in real life. So Ithink she's uh.....

Q: Tyler canyou tell us about your play?
A: About my play, oh yeah right, ok. I'm doing a play right now it's called Loot -- like money, loot, cash, green notes. It's a British play, it's by a playwright called Joe Orton. It's a really dark comedy, very very different from what you're use to seeing me in -- it's like a british accent. It's a goodthing. I'm having a lot of fun seeing it. I wish you could come.-----------

Q: How did you propose to Brenda?
She asked me not to say that.

: How do you feel about other guys kissing Vanessa on the show?
Sometimes you just can't get away from it. You just turn around and she's all over who ever (big audience laugh).

Couldn't understand this question but it was about the show.
It's great. I love the whole Cassadine-Spencer feud. It's a great rivalry and probably always willbe. It's got a lot of history to it. It's great to play especially with great actors such as Jonathan.

What is the sexiest part of your body?
Vanessa says she loves my hands (as he studies his hands).

What was your first role and how old were you?
24 - General Hospital.

When did you get engaged?
March of this year.

When are you getting married?
Haven't a clue.

I read where you went on a trip to Saudia Arabia. How did you enjoy it?
I did. Loved it. I'ts a beautiful place.I went to DaRay?? about 2 1/2 years ago. Loved it. Rained all week in the desert.

Is General Hospital a stepping stonefor a future in motion films?
I don't want to put it down by saying it's a stepping stone. I'm just learning -- this is like a learning ground for me This is like the first thing that I've ever done and it's it's like every day I'm acting and it's what I love to do and if it take some somewhere else then that's where I'll go. But if I stay here it's ok cause I'll be acting. It's a great place.

How long are you planning on playing Nikolas?
: I've been on the show for a year now and I have 3 years left on my contract. When that ends we'll go from there -- see what happens?

Q: Y
ou have no previous acting experience at all - no acting lessions - nothing. How would someone get started?
No (small laugh). Make sure you love it 110% um because if you don't it's not going to be fun to you. I didn't get started into it right -- I kind of went a different route.I didn't really know that's what I wanted to do. But from the first scene that I did on the show I knew that's the only thing I wanted to do the rest of my life.

If you weren't acting what would yoube doing.?
A: Well, so hard to say. I pretty much gave up everything I had to come here and do this. Uh, I sacrificed everything -- people around me. If I weren't an actor I had plans to go back and finish school right before I got this job.

Were you already in college or on your way to college?
A: I finished two years and then I came out here to Los Angeles.

Where did you attend college?
Ohio Wesleyan University

And your mother was upset with you?

What were you studying?
Um, I took every course. Economics was my major?

What is your main priority in life?
My priority in life is to do something every day to make myself a better person.(someone in the crowd yelled he couldn't get any better and Tyler grinned)

If you could be any where in the world right now?
A: Greece

You are each give one week to change place with anybody on your show?
Either Ingo or Maurice - it doesn't really matter.

Is it true Sonny and Brenda are leaving the show?
Sonny's leaving Brenda's staying.

What do you enjoy the most?
A: Ingo responded "kissing Vanessa" (to tease Tyler) to which Tyler responded: "I bet you do, I bet you do". Then Ingo points to Tyler and says "he knows why". Tyler then answered the question. I think because I get do to every day what I love. I do every day exactly what I love to do.

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