June 25, 1998 Chat Transcript

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Tyler spent well over an hour chatting with members of his fanclub. I try to type exactly what Tyler says although sometimes a word here or there gets lost in translation*G*.

Tyler was not online but took questions over the phone. This is the first time we used the chat room on his web site -- it was a little more difficult than AOL. The chat went slower and it was difficult to keep the pace of the questions running smoothly.  Hopefully the next chat will be better.
The chat started at 10:05 pm EST and ended at 11:07 pmEST 

BrandiDagwan: How has working at GH changed your life?
Tyler: Wow -- well -- I met my fiance there - it's given me the opportunity to do what I love to do which is act. Those are the two biggest things that changed my life.

JenM: When you have an emotional scene at work is it hard to separate yourself from that when it is time to go home?
Tyler: Yes, yes it is some times depending what kind of scene it exactly is -- sometimes it takes a mea while to get back to normal. (editors note: this is where I lost a little of Tyler's meaning in translation. He was indicating that depending on how emotional the scene is - it does take him a while to come of out those emotions)

JenniferG.: Ok. Do you have any tips on how to start an acting career especially soap opera career?
Tyler: If it's something that you really want to do you have to dedicate yourself 100 percent. It's notan understanding/forgiving career in terms of getting into it.  There's a lot of rejection involved in trying to get there.

JenW: Tyler, do you think you'll make the transition from being a soap actor to a movie actor? BTW, you're the best!
Tyler: Thank you. I’m confident that I will -- it's what I want to do. So as long as I stay determined I think it will happen.

KavitaP.: First, I would like to say that you are an exceptional actor. Where do you see the character of Nikolas heading towards Robin or Emily?
Tyler: I think the logical choice would be towards Robin -- she's more mature.

Krazyme2: Tyler what would be your ultimate Fantasy Storyline on GH?
Tyler: I would like to play a really edgy off the wall character type person like someone who has alot of dysfunction going on -- kind of like the...you know...the speech storyline but they didn't want to play it as severe as I wanted to.

linda_k: Are there any big celebs that you've always wanted to star in a movie with?
Tyler:  There's tons - I'd love to work with Marlon Brando if he ever does a movie again - Jack Nicholson I'd love to work with - DeNiro -Pacino.

: I love you Tyler! How is your relationship with Kimberly, Amber, Jonathan, Rebecca and Ingo off screen? Are you coming to Canada this summer?
Tyler: Don't have plans to go to Canada this summer - no one has asked me to. I get along with everybody off screen -- we are kind of like a family -- we may not necessarily go hang out together but when we are at work we are pretty close.

NicW: Since you're older than Nikolas, do you find it difficult to relate to him?
Tyler: No, I don't. I just try to pull from things/experiences from my past and incorporate it intoNikolas and try to make it real and add a sense of reality to the character from my own experience.

- hi Tyler, I just love you. OK, how's your relationship with Steve Burton on and off screen and how's the golf game going?
Tyler: Golf game's bad right now- LOL. Steve and I have a pretty good relationship off screen and we've remained good friends and we still find time to go out and hangout once in a while.

What can you tell us about your movie?
Tyler: It's a dramatic comedy -different from what you are use to seeing me do - I play someone in their mid 20s.
hbk391: Tyler-will you be making any appearances in Ohio (Cleveland) anytime soon?
Tyler: I don't have any scheduled in Ohio at this time.
JenW: Tyler, you're a wonderful actor and I congratulate you on your success in your professional and personal life. I'd liketo know if there is any place in the world that you just love so much and why?
Tyler: I haven't found that place yet -- I'm still searching for it.
SheilaG: Will we be seeing more Nik and Brenda scenes?
Tyler: Not anytime soon. In the scripts I have there aren't any.

Krazyme2: Tyler...GH fans want to know do the girls playing Lulu ever talk, cry, make any noise? All we see are their beautifulsmiles!
Tyler:  They are very quiet - very shy - every once in a while they will talk up a storm.

MarianneP.: If you could tell us fans one thing what would it be?
Tyler: I hope that you always support me no matter what I do --- and how old I get - LOL

Susan91: Tyler, will Nikolas and Lucky ever be friends?
Tyler: No I don't think so – too much past there.

KavitaP.: Tyler, who is your favorite person to do a scene with (other than the obvious choice-Vanessa) and why?
Tyler: Genie Francis -- I think she's such a wonderful actress and we have great chemistry together.

Does your family call you anything besides Tyler?...like a nickname.
Tyler: Chief has kind of stuck with me for a while -- my brother made it up.

SabrinaM.: Are you one of the many cast members that prefer Guza's writing over Culliton's?
Tyler: I like Bob better – he seems more excited about it.

hbk391: How long are your hours at the studio usually?
Tyler: They vary so much – they rarely work an 8 hour day.

Susan91: Tyler, do you think you'll be on GH for a longtime?
Tyler: It's not my plan but I wouldn't be feel like a failure if that's where I stayed.

hbk391: How is house renovating coming along? Do you have furniture yet? LOL
Tyler: LOL We got two couches --curtains for the living room, bedroom, putting in a spa and game room and that's it so far.

Tyler, how do you deal with the pressures of the media?
Tyler: I just try to take it in stride - the media is a very -- kind of swarmy medium to deal with but it's just part of it and you have to deal with it whether you like it or not.

SheilaG: Tyler, what's it like working with Stephen Nichols?
Tyler: It's great - I'd like to get back to the stuff that we used to do in the beginning with all the conflict that was dealt with when we first came on the show. I'd like to get back to that.

Krazyme2: How soon can we expect Nik to have a new love interest?
Tyler: Not soon

MarianneP.: Tyler would you be interested in getting to meet some of us if you come to Canada?
Tyler: If I ever come to Canada-- come see me.

Susan91: Did you always want to be an actor?
Tyler: No. I wanted to be a baseball player up until I moved out of here.

SheilaG: Hi Tyler! I think you're a wonderful actor. I was just wondering if you play any pranks on any of the stars at GH and have there been any funny out takes?
Tyler: No, I haven't played any pranks on anyone but I'd love to -- I'm just trying to think of a really good one! And I think as far as out takes --- surprisingly I don't have any yet -- I'm sure mine are coming though.

SabrinaM.: I was wondering if there was a particular person you admired as as child.
Tyler: My brother Todd.

Susan91: Hi Tyler, if you could spend the day w/ another famous person from the past or present, who would it be and why?
Tyler: Marlon Brando -- I don't think there is anyone that I emulate more as far as actors are concerned. And I would just like to get into his head. He's one of the deepest persons I've ever watched before.

hbk391: Hi Tyler! I was wondering why you didn't perform a tthe Nurses Ball this year?
Tyler: I didn't want to ruin the show - LOL! That arena of the business is not my strong point.

Rainee98: How are the Nurses Ball scenes filmed? Is it all inone day or something?
Tyler: They split it up over four days.

JenM: TYLER..what does everyone in your hometown think of you now that you are a star?
Tyler: They see me as successful but they pretty much treat me the same -- I still keep the same friends.

: Are you excited about the new movie?
Tyler: I am - I can't wait to see it. I hope it's really going to do something for me.

Susan91: Tyler, are you superstitious (sp?) ?
Tyler: no I'm not.

KavitaP.: Are you concerned about Amber's age being a problem if Nikolas gets involved with Emily?
I think it's more so to see the difference in the two characters as far as level of maturity.

SheilaG: Tyler, did you like the gifts that you received on the Emmy's? I am sorry that you didn't win. I hope you do nextyear!
Tyler:  I loved everything

linda_k: You started out the chat in your car. What kind of car do you drive?
Tyler: A suburban.

JenM: TYLER...what major league baseball team do you like?(Yankees right..?)LOL
Tyler: The Indians

Thank you Tyler for chatting with us tonight! PS Tribewon tonight!
Tyler: Yeah -- glad they won

linda_k: What was your last job before GH?
Tyler: I was a waiter at a diner.

BrandiDagwan: Tyler are you coming to Massachusetts anytime soon
Tyler: No plans to go toMass.

SheilaG: Tyler, if you could have one wish, what would it be?
Tyler: Live a long life and have a great family.

Tyler had to leave so the chat ended here. I want to personally thank my two helpers with copying and pasting and sending me the logof the chat - Lorraine and Melissa! And I would also like to thank the members for their patience, great questions and behavior.---Sheri--- PS -- and of course Tyler for his willingness to begin this chat in his car -- being stuck in traffic *G* -- and then continuing it once he arrive home -- thank you Tyler!
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