August 24, 1998 Chat Transcript

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Anne K 708: Hello Tyler. I've waited a long time for one of these chats. How are you?
Tyler: I'm doing great.

Anne K 708: Glad to hear it!! Are you going to finish your education?
Tyler: No, I don't have time for it. I consider this now my education.
EJack57947: Do you have any plans to come to Chicago in the very near future?
Tyler: No plans right now.

FDEVORA: Do you plan to follow in Vanessas footsteps and leave after your contract is up? Please say no.
Tyler: Mmm, right now I can't disclose my future plans while under my current contract but -- in the beginning of the new year -- I will evaluate my situation and plan accordingly.

GHfrisco: Is there any actress that you would like to work with...other than Van?
Tyler: On the show? Or any actress?
GHfrisco: Any.
Tyler: I'd love to work with Meryl Streep or Helen Hunt -- all the legendaries and award winning actresses.

: If you didn't get bit with the acting bug what do you think you'd be doing?
Tyler: Probably still be working odd jobs searching for my passion.

JaraVa: Hi Tyler, this is Theresa from WV. When is your movie coming out and do you have any other projects in the works.
Tyler: Movie will hopefully be out next summer -- just finished a short film about a blind man that hopefully will be made into a full length feature.

KarismaUS: Hi Tyler! This is Lisa, from MI. When I met you on Saturday, I took a whole role of film on you (LOL) do the fans or press ever annoy you?
Tyler: Umm, the press annoy me - fans don't really annoy me - they do sometimes but I quickly remind myself that the fans are why I have a job.

Tyler hi i have a 4 month old named Nick<G> Do you think we will ever see a lighter side of Nik????
Tyler: I think you will. I kind of thought you already had when they bring Leslie Lu in - but if you are asking if you will be seeing more -- the answer is yes.

Tyler can you tell us more about the adventure storyline coming up with Nik, Lucky, Lizzie and Emily...will it bring Nik and Lucky closer
Tyler: Honestly you know about as much as I do about it - -I know nothing about an adventure storyline. I haven't heard anything.

Lizmar10: Tyler..Hi there:-) Do you wear a.briefs..b..boxers(loose) c.boxers(tight) d..thong or E..Go au natural?<vbg>
Tyler: No comment. *G*

Lizmar10: aawww

LStege5081: Hi Tyler this is Leah from Boston. Now that you've done a film, I was wondering which you like better...TV or films?
Tyler: I like film better - I like the freedom that it gives me and I like the fact that it has closure while TV is an never ending drama.

MissBenard: Hi Tyler. I love you!! Are there any other TV shows that you would like to work on? Also do you ever watch GH on TV during your free time.
Tyler: I would love to be on NYPD or ER - something tense and fast paced like that. I watch GH all the time.

MtherHen: Hi Tyler! I noticed your hair is looking reddish on screen lately. Did you change the color 4 a part, personal reasons or is it that darn GH lighting.
Tyler: I made it really light for my film because I wanted the character to be different and I changed it back for the show and color didn't take as well as I wanted it to. So I redid it again last week and it's back to normal.

Saritzia21: Hi Tyler! This is Saritzia from Orlando area....met you in Immokalee :) seems like the show is trying to strenghten the Jason/Robin relationship but Nik seems more and more "mesmerized' w/Robin! any thoughts on this?
Tyler: Yeah - it's over.

Saritzia21: ....Keep up the great work!

TAGJOE4: Tyler, you're such a talented actor, what is it like working with soap legends like Genie and Tony and Stephen Nichols and MBE>>?
Tyler: A dream come true.

TennisB775: Hey Tyler Andrea "Andy" from Missouri, did u enjoy working with Jennifer Skye (ex Sara) and did u sense like me that there was no chemistry between u two?
Tyler: I always enjoy working with new people but yeah I agree there was no onscreen chemistry which is why it didn't work.

AngerGirl1: I know you were in the play "Loot" As a devoted theatre actress I would like to know if you enjoyed it? Also do you plan on doing more theatre in the future. You're a great actor!!!!
Tyler: I did - it was one of the most exhilarating learning experience - made me ten times a better actor. Thank you. I'm going to concentrate on launching my film career but will always consider doing more theatre.

HARRI815: Do you feel President Clinton should be impeached?
Tyler: I do not. I don't agree with his behavior however I think he's served his country well and deserves to continue to lead us. Good question.

HBK 391: Hi, this is Melissa in Cleveland, do u have a computer? Do u go online or have u ever? BTW- How's Van??
Tyler: She's great. She's starting her new show. I do not go online very often.

It was nice meeting you Saturday in Detroit. My daughter Danielle was the first little girl you took a photo with she made me buy frames that day for the pixs she loves you.
Tyler: Hi -- it was nice meeting you and your daughter.

Philmaniac: You and Vanessa have great chemistry on screen! Any plans for a future project with her?
Tyler: No, we'd love to work together but we don't have any plans now.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?
Tyler: Just hopefully always working and being happy and having a family.

Serga from Akron-will we learn the origin of Nik's mysterious notes?
Tyler: We've kind of set that aside -- not sure what they are going to do with that.

BABY2LOU: Hi Tyler! This is Leilani from Oklahoma! What do you think of the possible Nikolas and Carly pairing? I have been reading about it! Do you think it is too far fetched?
Tyler: I would love to work with Sarah - she's a great actress I think it would be great.

BrenTwin: Hi Tyler. I was wondering about what previous acting experience you had before GH High school theatre, acting classes etc.) and how you were discovered for "Nik"- did you have an agent or a resume built up?
Tyler: My agent submitted me for the part and then I went and auditioned about 4 or 5 times and got the part.

CAN480: Hi Tyler, Are you a fan of 90210, if not will you become one?
Tyler: No I'm not a fan of 90210 but I'm definitely becoming a fan.

KatNgirl15: Hi Tyler! This is Katie and Melissa from FL....we just recently met you in Imokalee,FL when we won the SCRUMPTIOUS prime rib casino luncheon with you. We were wondering if you had taken a look at the packet we gave you for the Charity in St.Pete,FL? Or should we just Fed-ex you a new one? Thanks again!
Tyler: I haven't had a chance to take a look at it - so please send me another one - I'm interested in what you are putting together and what you have planned.

5: Great! =)

Mpv590: Hi Tyler! I'm Rima from Michigan and I just wanted you to know that I was at Sears on Saturday (in spirit), but I'd love to -- Quick Question- Plain or Peanut (M&Ms)? and Vanessa?
Tyler: Thank you. Peanuts for both of us.

NE1FAN: Hi Tyler! my names Liz. You are a wonderful actor and I enjoy your work...I have heard that that Katherine is going to reveal Stefan is Nik's father. How will Nik react? Will he remain close to Katherine, and to Stefan? What is Mary Beth Evans like?
Tyler: We're in discussion right now as to how we are going to play the character reacting to that news. Mary Beth Evans is one of the funniest people on the show to work with. She's very very energetic.

Powder217: Hi, Tyler..Denise from New York, How is your golf game going??
Tyler: It's getting better. Billy Warlock is giving me lessons.

Romes56: How can I meet you & Vanessa on the E.Coast? If she is there with you tell her Anne says HI & and I admire you both. Do you have an address where you and Vanessa will really receive the mail.
Tyler: Thank you and I will tell her you said hi. We get all our mail at the studio. If you send it there, we really do get it.

Romes56: Thanks Tyler.

CaNdY2nY: Hey Tyler this is Candice from NY. I think you are a brilliant actor and I admire your work. I was wondering what is your most prized possession.
Tyler: My health. Material things don't give me the happiness that last

: I have two questions from people who had to leave the room.

What direction do you want Nikolas to go in?
Tyler: I want him to mature - I want to see him branch out on his own - have his own life - separate from his own family - but keep them in his life but build his own relationships.

Powder217: Do you get along with Jonathan Jackson
Tyler: Yes I do. He's playing on my basketball team that we are starting next month.

The end. I want to thank everyone for being patient while waiting for Tyler who got off work a little late and for following the guidelines to the letter -- you guys were GREAT. Special thanks to GHFrisco, Rainee98, Powder217 and Krazyme2 -- without them I couldn't do these chats. And of course a big big thanks to Tyler!
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