October 8, 1998 Soap City Chat Transcript

Transcript of Yahoo! - Soap city Chat with
GH's Tyler Christopher (Nikolas)
October 8, 1998

(note: I tried to correct spelling errors that Yahoo/Soap City didn’t for easier reading *G*)

Tyler: Hello everyone and thank you for joining us tonight. I'm looking forward to hearing your questions.

WNNZelda asks: Is it hard to play a character who's so much younger than you actually are?
Tyler: It's growing more difficult. As I mature in my personal life, I have to constantly remind myself what I did with the character to make him believable, as young as he is.

fritz_55 asks: Is Nikolas going to sleep with Katherine?
Tyler: Don't know about actual sex act with Katherine. A possible physical romance... could be.

Dawn_GHfan asks: Have you had any funny moments on the set?
Tyler: Every day there's a new comedic moment. Nothing has happened so far that I could say was a real funny moment. It's pretty businesslike when we're up there working, and everyone knows their job really well, so funny off-the-wall things don't happen that often.

Dawn_GHfan asks: Would you like to see Lucky n' Nikolas become friends? Do you think the writers will let that happen?
Tyler: I wouldn't like them to become friends. I think they're too unalike. But I would like to see them come to some resolve, because they do share a lot of common things in their life, been through some of the same things. But if it was done right, I don't see why they couldn't be friends. I don't really see the obstacle in that. Once they do become friends, then what? as far as keeping the storyline going goes.

brandon_can asks: where do you keep your soap opera award?
Tyler: I have some of them in my dressing room and some of them at home.

LuckWater asks: What is your favorite storyline that you have been involved with?
Tyler: My favorite storyline would have been when he loses his speech, but they didn't want to take it to the extreme I did. I thought it would be really challenging to take it a step further as far as the severity of the stroke, from an acting standpoint I really wanted to do that challenging kind of thing. But Nikolas not speaking for months I guess made some of the fans a little tiresome. So I never got to do it.

fritz_55 asks: Tyler, I liked your hair when it was cut really short. Any plans to cut it again?
Tyler: No plans. I'm just trying a bunch of different things

culturebird asks: Hello, Tyler, from Australia! Have you ever been down here before?
Tyler: No. I don’t' think I've been on that side of the world. 

brandon_can asks: Why did you change your last name?
Tyler: I didn't really change my name. Christopher is my middle name. It's still my name. I just artistically chose to go a different way

fluffy_1_ asks: I just wanted to say that you are a very good-looking guy, would you be interested in modeling?
Tyler: No. Modeling is something I thought about before I became an actor, but for me it just didn't challenge me enough, and I didn’t really like it. I tried it for like a week.

jess24_24 asks: Who has most influenced your life and why?
Tyler: Probably God, because I couldn't answer that question a few months or a year ago. But through the fast-paced business, it's easy to become lost, so I found some spirituality in my life which has influenced me more than anything.

Marcil_ asks: What do you think about how the GH writers brought Katherine back from the "dead"?
Tyler: Well, they have their reasons for doing everything, but I found it to be an unrealistic way of doing things. But that's why I'm the actor, not the writer.

Krazyme2 asks: Tyler Hi from TylerOLFC....Sheri and the gang we love you!!!
Tyler: Thank you Sheri! I promise I'll call you back.

brandon_can asks: Do you watch other soaps?
Tyler: No. If I'm flipping it around I'll stop to see what other people are doing, but I don't watch any of them on a daily basis.

ricanya asks: How long have you been acting?
Tyler: About 2 1/2 years now.

CanMBOFC asks: Hey Tyler--- now be honest....Yankees or Indians?!?
Tyler: Indians.

LuckWater asks: Will there be any romantic interests for Nikolas coming up soon??
Tyler: They're testing the waters with Nikolas-Katherine. We'll see what happens there.

fritz_55 asks: Is it true that a recast Sarah is coming on?
Tyler: That's news to me.

Rocio_16_20 asks: What interested you about soap acting.
Tyler: There was no real specific interest in soap acting. I just wanted to find an avenue to break into the business, and fate brought me onto General Hospital

FunkyChick99 asks: What do you think of your character- anything like the real thing?
Tyler: Like the real me? No, he's nothing like me. I'm not that honest. He's different from me in every way except that he genuinely does care about everyone in his life who cares about him.

SkunkDee asks: When is your movie coming out?
Tyler: They're set to run it through the film festivals through the next 6 months or so, and with any luck looking at a fall of '99 release. It's called "Catfish in Black Bean Sauce".

Marcil_ asks: What's it like to be able to work with Tony Geary and Genie Francis
Tyler: It's an experience of a lifetime. I credit a good portion of my success, my quick success to those two people because they’re just great. They're great actors and actresses and I've learned a lot from them.

__talktomenow__ asks: Any chance of you doing a guest spot on90210?
Tyler: I have no plans to. If they ask me to do one to be able to work with Vanessa, sure I'd do one.

fluffy_1_ asks: Hi Tyler, how was it working at the same show with Vanessa Marcil since you guys are together? was it hard?
Tyler: It wasn't too difficult. It was a great opportunity for us to be able to see each other on a daily basis when both of us had a really busy schedule.

phishgrl420 asks: WHAT MUSIC DO YOU LISTEN TO
Tyler: I listen to a lot of hip hop and blues. Contemporary blues. I like a lot of kind of new age stuff, all kinds of stuff. Only thing I really don't listen to is, I'm not a jazz or classical kind of person.

WNNZelda asks: What did you submit for the Emmys?
Tyler: I submitted scenes with Genie on the docks from along time ago, and the hospital scene one show when I found out right after I had a speech problem, that I had a stroke.

Marcil_ asks: Tyler, what is your ethnic background?
Tyler: Native American.

allie51182 asks: Tyler-who is your favorite actor/actress to work with on GH?
Tyler: It changes. Right now I'm really enjoying working with Jonathan Jackson because we play so well off of each other, and I have a lot of respect for him as an actor as he does me and we both know how the game works. It's just a lot of fun.

phishgrl420 asks: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MOVIE.
Tyler: I like "The Godfather" a lot. I envy people like Al Pacino and Marlon Brando and Robert DiNero. I think what they stand for in the acting world is unsurpassable.

sagedreamer1 asks: Tyler, how many hours a day does it take to make an episode of gh?
Tyler: I would guess roughly 10 hours. I do my scenes and then I'm out of there.

angel_bear_98 asks: what is you favorite thing to do when you have whole day off?
Tyler: I just like to relax and enjoy it, because it's there and gone and doesn't come back for a long time. I rarely get a day off.

__talktomenow__ asks: Ok another question, we all know you got a great bod, why don't you show it off more on GH?
Tyler: I think that it leaves more to the imagination, and I think it's more beautiful to imagine in your mind what someone looks like without their clothes on, and I truly believe that once it's revealed over and over again it loses its beauty and its essence, and that's just what I believe in. 
Not that I won't or don't do it -- it's just something I choose not to unless it's really appropriate. Like in a sex scene you obviously have to have your clothes off, and that's beautiful and that's the right time to do it. One time they asked me to, when I first came there, and I felt uncomfortable with it. I went ahead and did it anyway, and when I saw it I knew that was something I didn't want to do again unless it was really warranted.

roach1_4 asks: if you could change one thing about your character Nikolas, what would it be?
Tyler: I would give him more of an edge. He has an edge about him right now, but a really raw, outspoken edge. Just make him not so apple pie, like he always does the right thing. I find that to be unrealistic even with the greatest minds and souls of this world.

SkunkDee asks: What helps you prepare for an emotional scene?
Tyler: That's an interesting question. I have a lot of emotional ties in my life to connect to, and I can release it through my work. It's kind of therapeutic for me, in a way. How I prepare, I just stay by myself, I don't allow anyone to talk to me. It's not easy. It's a very difficult thing to be able to connect to your feelings in the snap of a finger. I feel blessed that I have that attribute.

tatiana80 asks: How did you get discovered.
Tyler: I auditioned, just like the thousands of other people in this town. Just so happened they saw something they liked in me, so I was the one they chose. That's how I got started.

fritz_55 asks: Soap actors are often labeled as such. Why do you think they get such a bad rap?
Tyler: Because the majority of the talent out there does put out kind of the "over the top" kind of acting, kind of an unconnected, unrealistic kind of acting that it labeled like that by people in the industry. But it's also part of, we do more in one day than anyone in the industry does in two weeks.
Some people put in the countless hours of preparation that it really does take to make a scene look like you had two weeks to do it, which in the rest of the industry, like film, episodic TV, and theater have endless time to prepare for scenes, where we don't. The people who put in the extra effort in daytime, you can see that it's all about preparation and really nothing else.And also some shows, which I don't think ours is one, are simply based on physical fantasy for the fans, and really nothing else. It’s really how you look first and how you act second. That's what people see for the most part. Our show doesn't structure it that way, but we are a daytime show, so some people throw us into that same group.We fight hard to keep GH realistic. It's not always easy. We tackle social issues and real life tragedies everyone can relate to. Some don't, and that's fine. "Days of our Lives" is all about fantasy, and they have a huge following. That's what their show is about, and ours isn't. It's a different

larile asks: "Hi Tyler, do you think maybe once you could get Stephan to crack a smile while you're filming?"
Tyler: I've tried. He's got his way of doing things. Stephan is very straightforward and I guess noncommittal in public when it comes to display of emotions.

meg1022 asks: How do you feel about your current story line between Nikolas and his mother?
Tyler: I think its okay. I would have liked to see it get worse before it got better. They're still tackling issues from their past, but I would have liked to have dealt with it a little longer. Issues of abandonment don't just go away in a matter of months.

BamaApple asks: Are you enjoying working with Becky and Jonathan in this adventure story?
Tyler: I'm enjoying working with Becky and Jonathan. An adventure storyline is fine if the goal we're trying to attain is more meaningful and the stakes are higher.

BamaApple asks: Tyler...how is that basketball team shaping up?
Tyler: Well, we're 0 and 2 right now. Jonathan Jackson, myself, Steve Burton, Jonathan's brother Richard, and Steve's other roommate and Freddie Prince Jr, we're all playing on a basketball team in a league.

__talktomenow__ asks: what do you see yourself doing in 5-10 yrs.
Tyler: I see myself hopefully still working as an actor, always striving to do great work, wherever it may be, be it daytime, film, television, whatever.
Hopefully have some sort of family life started. I'll be in my early 30s at that point, so it's as good a time as any to get life going.

venus58_98 asks: What was the most difficult scene you had to do?
Tyler: Most difficult scene, which to you may not have seemed that difficult, was when he got shot, and the scenes right after that.
If the camera were on me more, but due to the graphic nature of what was going on they had to cut away a lot. I was working really hard down there. It was the most emotional experience I've ever gone through on the show.At the end of the day, I could barely lay there any longer. To listen to Tony when he's really sincere in the ambulance, it's a hard thing to sit there with your eyes closed.

carla03 asks: what happened when you first met Vanessa?
Tyler: I met her in the hallway. We kind of just froze right there. I hadn't seen her before.

fritz_55 asks: What do you think of the President Clinton scandal?
Tyler: I think that far too much attention is being played to it. I don't agree with his conduct, but I also agree with him that however graphic the nature of his actions are, that they are private, and they need to be dealt with between him and his family and no one else. He's created his own hell within himself. He doesn't need the rest of the world adding to it.

brigit27 asks: If you could give one piece of advice to a struggling actor what would that advice be?
Tyler: Struggle is good. It keeps you humble, lets you know where you came from. Once you do get your first job or your first paying job or great role, you have something to compare it to. When you’re at the lowest point of your life, and you reach the highest point of your life, it makes the highest point seem like there is nothing better.

fluffy_1_ asks: was it hard seeing Vanessa kiss another guy?
Tyler: Not really. I mean, nobody kisses her like I do!
What it is, is if you knew what the kind of TV kissing they’re doing, which is so unfulfilling and not romantic, you can't help but not be jealous, because it's so not real. There's actually an art to making it look like a real kiss when in actuality it's not. I would never kiss anybody like that.

__talktomenow__ asks: when you were younger who were your fav.actors/actresses?
Tyler: I liked action heroes - Stallone, Schwarzenegger. Not to say they don't have any acting ability, but I didn't really get into critiquing people until I became an actor.

Jeff30174 asks: What made you decide to come on Yahoo chat tonight? Do you ever go online at other times.
Tyler: Once a month, I try to go online with my fan club for 30 minutes and just answer their questions. That's the only time I get on. This is an exclusive.

Brandon can ask: Do you have any pets?
Tyler: I have two labs, Chief and Buck.

Marcel_ asks: What are 3 things you can't live without?
Tyler: My spirituality, my good health, and let's keep it at two!

areena_H asks: Tyler, you're a fantastic actor, and it's a pleasure to watch you. GH is the best soap around because it deals with real emotions, scenarios, and issues. What is the time difference between the day you film, and the day the episode airs?
Tyler: Approximately three weeks. We get one week off at Christmas, and we get the one-day holidays, but that's about it for time off.

brigit27 asks: Who was your favorite teacher when you were in school?
Tyler: Probably my second grade teacher.

sites73 asks: Do you think we'll ever find out if Stephan is really Nikolas’ father.
Tyler: Yes, you definitely will. Within the next year, guaranteed. I'm hoping. You can't hint it any longer without actually saying it.

all01 asks: Why are you so cute?
Tyler: I guess you have to credit that to my mom and dad. Can’t credit anywhere else.

Alpha48_98 asks: Will you be attending the Super Soap Weekend in Orlando, FL?
Tyler: No, not this year. I went last year.

sareena_H asks: What is the greatest pleasure you acquire by acting?
Tyler: Just the release of emotion, be it happiness or sadness or anger. The release into a safe place, which is in front of the camera.

Marcil_ asks: Tyler, how is the house coming along?
Tyler: It's coming along, it's starting to fill up slowly.

anghudson asks: Man, you are lucky, you're getting people to miser
Tyler: I am?

kitkat_clear asks: Would you ever consider doing something than acting on daytime TV?
Tyler: I'd love to do film. I also would love to do a Broadway show, just to be able to run free from beginning to end and the freedom of whatever happens, happens and get instant gratification from the crowd. I'd like to experience that on a large scale. But film is what I really want to do.

ricanya asks: Did your relationship with your close friends change when you became a star?
Tyler: Not with my close, close friends. There's very few of those. But people who were my acquaintances that before that Would have considered good friends, it changed things a bit. It’s hard to explain from my standpoint because I think I'm the same person, but I don't think other people can get it out of their minds, so without even knowing it they treat me differently.

FLnative35 asks: Hi Tyler...I'm Joanne. so nice to meet you!! We missed seeing you at the Seminole Gaming Palace in FL...how did it go??
Tyler: There weren't too many people there. We were out in the middle of nowhere. But it was very interesting seeing an Indian casino. It was very quiet. Not much but bingo and a few slot machines. You didn't miss much.

kitkat_clear asks: Do you answer your fan mail yourself?
Tyler: No I don't. Honestly, I let my mom read it, and she brings attention to me if there's a letter she feels I need to read is really important. People mostly just ask for pictures and it would take forever for me to answer all of it and with the schedule I have I don't have time to do it.

fluffy_1_ asks: What TV show would you dream of being in?
Tyler:  I'd like to do ER, I'd love to do NYPD Blue, or even an Ally McBeal thing. I've been dabbling in the comedic area a little. My film was a comedy and I had some success with that, so I’d like to try that route.

allie51182 asks: Tyler-Ever worked with Maurice Bernard?
Tyler: Never. We've said words in scenes before, but never really worked together.

__talktomenow__ asks: UHHHHHHHH very simple, BOXERS OR BRIEFS?
Tyler: Boxers.

allie51182 asks: Tyler-who of the cast do you hang out with off the set of GH?
Tyler: I hang out with Steve Burton, Billy Warlock, Jonathan Jackson and sometimes Stuart Damon. We golf together sometimes.

blupe29 asks: Did you ever do any commercials as a child?
Tyler: No, I didn't do any kind of acting till I came out here, except in first grade I think I did "A Charlie Brown Christmas". I think I was either Linus or Pig Pen.

__talktomenow__ asks: How has your family supported you in your acting?
Tyler: They're really into my career. They watch all the shows. I watch the shows whenever I can. It's always nice to see how it turned out. It helps you as an actor.

Tall01 asks: If you had one day to live, what would you do on that day?
Tyler: I'd spend the whole day with Vanessa, and just be together the whole day, because some day I am going to have one day to live and that's how I want to spend it

Tyler: Probably a science class. I grew up in Delaware, Ohio.

WNNZelda asks: Is there anyone on the show you wish could be your female counterpart?
Tyler: I would like to work with Lisa Cerasoli, "V". She’s really good. Really great actress. She can be funny, she can be dramatic and honest, I think we'd be really good together.

bari102 asks: Tyler, I saw you at Canada's Wonderland last summer, are you coming back?
Tyler: No, I think they've already had that if I'm not mistaken. Billy and Steve were at that. Might have been something different

Peace20_99 asks: Justin Please ask him how he likes working with Stephen Nichols
Tyler: I love working with Stephen. I think we connect real well together as father and son.

Tyler: I met Arnold Schwarzenegger once, when I was 16.

CC_Angel_99 asks: What is your new movie about?
Tyler: It's a dramatic comedy about two Vietnamese kids that were raised by a southern black family, were adopted by them, and the two kids find their real mother, and I play the roommate of one of the guys who was raised by the family. It's just basically a peek into these people's lives. Kind of like a "Good Will Hunting” kind of thing. A peek into a real life situation.

WNNZelda asks: What do you want for your birthday?
Tyler: My birthday is on November 11. I haven't asked for anything. All I want is to have a nice quiet dinner with my fiancée. That's all I really want. 

notreallybetsy asks: I'm 17 and I'm going on my first blind date. Do you have any advice?
Tyler: Go back home! Going on your first blind date...Don't take anything too seriously. Just have fun and enjoy being 17 because it's here today, gone tomorrow. 

Jeff30174 asks: Are you able to go out in public without being recognized.
Tyler: Here in LA, yeah, famous people are a dime a dozen. But when I go into smaller towns, people watch the show and know. Seven some odd million people watch the show. 

VERONICAXOXO asks: oh a Scorpio...do you fit your sign?
I'm not much into the astrology thing. I don't know what goes along with being a Scorpio, other than it being an aggressive kind of sign, but I wouldn't say that's me. 

ricanya asks: Do you still get butterflies when you see someone famous?
Tyler: Depends on who it is. I haven’t seen anyone yet who has done that to me. If I saw Jack Nicholson or Marlon Brando, Would.

amy_lou_ser asks: please, justin, just ask Tyler if he's coming to NC anytime soon!
Tyler: North Carolina... I have no plans to come to NC, but if I do I'm sure you'll know about it.

angel_ca_98 asks: What was your favorite GH moment???
Tyler: That's a tough one. Maybe when he goes to visit Laura’s grave. That was a real nice moment.

flwrchic17 asks: Tyler, if you can discuss, whose idea was it for Vanessa to be off the show? hers or someone else?
Tyler: Oh, it was her decision.

BamaApple asks: Tyler..do you think you have become a more serious person over the past year ?
Tyler: I think I've become less serious, which has helped me more. I'm a lot looser. A lot more open, a lot more outgoing.

Thank you everyone for forgoing "ER" tonight to spend time with me on the Internet. I appreciate all your wonderful questions and I hope I answered them as completely as I possibly could, and left you with a good positive feeling about the show and about myself. 

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