Take A Chance With The Stars - October 17, 1998

 Excerpt from Soap City chat with the stars at the Take A Chance with the Stars - October 17, 1998

SoapCity_Guest1: Tyler Christopher, Nikolas from General Hospital, is here, so send me your questions!

SoapCity_Guest1: Lisa Cerasoli "V" is here, too!

Tyler: I'm not actually scheduled to be here, but Vanessa was scheduled to be here, and I just got off a plane from Iowa, doing publicity, and I figured, why not? I'll come down here and give my support.
Lisa: I just got done learning a little about blackjack. it was fun for me.

maddie02 asks: If you could play any other sb character who would it be and why?Lisa: In the world?
Lisa: On GH, his character
Tyler: Cross dressing?
Lisa: Sarah Brown's kind of fun. I was trying to think of one totally differrnt from mine. Sarah Brown is great at playing bad girl. My character's not a bad girl, but I have a blast playing her.
Tyler: It would be fun to play another character.

domi723 asks: Tyler, what is it like to work with Nancy Lee Grahn?
Tyler: It's infrequent.
Lisa: I got to see her in her underwear. She was undressing.
Tyler: We need to put Nikolas with V

Quarterdine asks: Lisa Hi from you fans at ABC Message Boards...who brought you the Hostage Crisis. Will V be getting between Ned and Alexis? Please don't!
Lisa: I don't think so. I think they're friends

Crys_vmfan asks: Tyler, what is coming up for Nikolas on the show? Any other love interest besides Emily? 
butterfly_48109 asks
: Isn't Emily too young for you? Are they going to get a new character as a love interest for Nikolas?
Tyler: I think she's too young for the character. And myself.

ginger98___ asks: Hey, Tyler how long have you and Vanessa been together as a couple?
Tyler: Two years. Direct questions -- love those.

Crys_vmfan asks: Tyler, what is your biggest accomplishment in life? 
Tyler: In life?
Lisa: Vanessa
Lisa: His bitchin bod.
Lisa: Mine is surviving PMS on a monthly basis

KaKatie97 asks: hi Lisa!! I think your doing a great job filling the void left from Brenda , how is it working with Ingo?
Lisa: I love working with Ingo. I've worked with him since the beginning, so I think we worked really well together and we're really comfortable, but I'm not trying to fill the Brenda void. I don't think that can be filled. I'm fortunate that our characters are very different, so I don't feel too pressured

Jaily asks: Lisa would you rather have V with Nick or Jax?
Lisa: I would like both, please!

ehansford_98 asks: Tyler, Will you and Lucky become more like brothers after helping Emily?
Tyler: Yes and no. Just more tolerate each other rather than accept each other as brothers.

MermaidMadonna asks: Tyler, what is the name of your upcoming film and also do you like Madonna?
Tyler: I love madonna.
Lisa: I love madonna.
Tyler: I love her and everything she stands for
Lisa: I have a quote of hers in my address book that says "if you want something bad enough, everything in the universe pulls together so you can get it." something like that.

creekfreak98 asks
: Lisa you are funny, I love the character you portray too! Do you read your fan mail? ~Brandi~
Lisa: I read all my fan mail and I answer it. I love it

ehansford_98 asks:
Tyler: What was your fav. episode?
Tyler: The shooting.
Lisa: That was a great one. That was fantastic.

beckyboo98 asks: Tyler, if you were a lolly pop-what flavor would you be?
Tyler: Sour apple.

domi723 asks: Lisa, are they going to turn V into Brenda? I hope not.
Lisa: Oh, no. No.
Lisa: I don't think V can turn into Brenda. They're just too different.

domi723 asks: Tyler, if Amber was older, do you think that Nik & Emily would be a good couple?
Tyler: Yes, I think so, because Amber's a really great actresss. I think it will work.


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