December 17, 1998 Chat Transcript

 The following is the OFFICIAL transcript of the online chat held Thursday, Dec. 17, 1998 with Tyler and members of his online fan club. ©1998 Sheri Evener, Tyler Christopher All Rights Reserved ©Copyright Notice No part of this interview may be reprinted except by express and written consent of the authors.

I would like to thank all of Tyler’s teammates for attending the chat tonight. Everyone was great. We were on a more limited timeframe and your cooperation made it possible for everyone to get a question answered.

Ally:         Hi Tyler. This is Allyson from you like the way the writers have your character’s relationship with Lucky as of now? Do you want to see it progress more like it is or like it was before?
Tyler:        Yeah I’d love to see it progress more – I believe the two characters have a lot in common and lot of the same issues that affect both of their lives and I just like working with Jonathan    

Ang44:     Hi Tyler! Angela here from Canada. My question is what is your fondest Christmas memory?
Tyler:        Probably when I got my first bike. I thought it was the best bike in the whole world.    

Asan123:  Hello this is Ada from Middletown, NY ----Tyler you still owe me my kiss remember?? (private joke), Where would you like to see your acting career go & what is your Christmas wish for this year?
Tyler:        LOL. I’d like to go on and do primetime television and feature films and my Christmas wish this year is to be at home with my family    

BRAT1024:          Hi Tyler-I am Jennifer from CT-I’d like to thank you for being so sweet at the Galleria fan thing and ask you if you’ll be doing any feature films since you did the independent film?
Tyler:        I don’t have any plans to do one in the immediate future but they come pretty quick so I could say no today and yes tomorrow to that question    

Baby2Lou: Hi Tyler! This is Leilani from Oklahoma. First of all, I wanted to tell you that you are doing an excellent job on your new storyline! My question...Which storyline do you find to be the most challenging, the teen storyline or the Nikolas/Katherine storyline? Why? Have a wonderful holiday season!
Tyler:        Thank you. I’m enjoying them about equally about right now. The Katherine storyline is allowing me to show a different side of the character – the more sensual side – more humorous side. And the other storyline is still a lot of fun and I wish to continue it.    

Bolo7678: Hi Tyler this is Takiyah I was wondering if you are happy that Nicholas and Lucky are getting along with one another now.
Tyler:        Yes I am – I think it’s time for that to happen.    

Brandi:     Hi Sexy oopps I mean Tyler J ! How did you like working with Tanya Boydon “Catfish in Black Bean Sauce”?Tyler:       (editors note: The film directed by Tanya was The Gift.)
Tyler:  I enjoyed it very much – she’s a very talented director and actress. And hope that someday in the future we can work together again – hopefully the full length version of the short.

BridgeDays:        Hi Tyler. Happy Holidays! My name is Bridgit from Illinois. Is Nikolas going to find out that Stefan is his father? Also how would you react finding out that the man you thought was your Uncle was really your father?
Tyler:       Yes he will find out. I would be so confused that I wouldn’t really know how to react at first probably have all mixed emotions – anger/hurt.    

Candice:   Hey Tyler, this is Candice. We all had an AWESOME time at the Dude Ranch. Maybe we’ll see you in April, if not we’ll see ya in July on the “tool”. My Q: How’s Sophie? And did she, Buck and Chief like their X-mas presents from Tyler’s Team? Merry X-mas!
Tyler:        Yes they all loved them. Sophie doesn’t play much with toys – she’s more into the furniture.    

Flavia:      Hi Tyler, this is Flavia from Miami. I love what GH has done with Nikolas and Lucky. Any chance of a real “family reunion” with Nikolas, Stefan, Laura, Lucky and Lulu?
Tyler:        That’s really hard to say. There’s no plans in the future for that but they all have an understanding of the relationship between everyone.    

Jen:         Tyler, how about them Indians?? LOL, (sorry Yankee fan QUESTION:  Can you tell us what is going on with the In Style Magazine? And if you can’t talk about that, then what were your days in high school like...nerd or flirt? LOL
Tyler:        In Style Mag is basically waiting on us to finish the place which is taking us longer to finish than we anticipated. Neither nerd or flirt –I had one girlfriend all the way through high school.    

Karr:        Merry Christmas, Tyler. This is Karla from Ohio. I know that you’ve said that the shooting scenes of December 8th were very hard to do – and believe me – you did a fantastic job – they were great! Has there ever been a scene or storyline on GH that you were uncomfortable about doing/or really didn’t like doing?
Tyler:        The condom storyline was a little unrealistic. I didn’t think we accurately portrayed teenagers sexual relationship in today’s society.     

LuvJax:    Tyler! Hey, Katie from FL here! Who’s your fave person to work with on GH now, and who has been your fave ever???
Tyler:        Probably Genie Francis. It’s such an opportunity to work with a legend such as she.     

Jazies:     Hi Tyler, I am Jamie from Baltimore MD, you seem like such a passionate person, what makes you tick?
Tyler:        Strong beliefs and strong roots. A willingness not to buy into the image of Hollywood.      

Jessica:    hey Tyler this is Jessica from Ellenville, I’m 10 min away from the dude ranch. I was the one who waited for you on line since 7:30 in the am and I just was wondering if there was anything you could change or add to you role what would you change? Have a great Christmas Ellenville NY that is
Tyler:        I wouldn’t change anything. I like the direction he’s going and the image he represents.       

Ronnie:     Hi Tyler, I hope you have a Merry Christmas!! Do you know what is in store for Nik in the future? I have been watching you since you started, my name is Veronica from FL
Tyler:        The storylines right now are the beginning of a long outline so at this point the character can go in a number of directions. None of which are etched in stone at this point.       

Sheila:     Hi Tyler, this is Sheila from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Instead of asking you a question, I was wondering if you had a question you would like to ask us?
Tyler:        Who would you like to see Nikolas in a relationship with from the existing characters.

Jazies:     Robin!!!!! I don't understand why it never worked out?
Traci:       NONE! V or maybe Carly...
Ronnie:     I would like to see Nikolas with Robin or Emily, even though he think Em is like a sister to him
BRAT1024:          I'd love to see a Lucky/Liz/Nikolas triangle
Candice:   oh darn...existing...I was gonna say me! lol!
Jessica:    There are NO good Choices Ty!!
LuvJax:    A non-existing person!
Brandi:     Emily, or Elizabeth
gretch97: Emily
Candice:   need someone new!
LuvJax:    I guess
Baby2Lou: Either Robin or someone new!
LuvJax:    I would be willing to help too! LOL
Sheila:     I don' t know. Carly. I liked Gina.
Brandi:     V would be great    

TKI:         Hi Tyler, it is Fran, Janette & Lauren ( The LiCausi sisters) from NY. Do you remember us? Is the event in April in Champlain with Jeff a weekend event or just a day event? Also Merry Xmas
Tyler:        Yes of course I remember who you are and we haven't nailed down the details of the event yet. Merry Christmas to you guys.
TKI:         You made my night    

Traci:       Hi, Tyler. What changes will the new year bring for Nikolas? And do you have any New Year resolutions yet?
Tyler         I never make any NY resolutions because I always break them. I think Nikolas will become more independent -- I don't know much beyond that.    

Tylerfan13:         Is it possible you and Maurice can work together now that he's back? You guys would be great together in a storyline. You two are my favorites and I think you are a wonderful actor.
Tyler:        Yeah I would love to work with Maurice - he's a great actor and an incredible asset to the show. I think we could put something together that would be really compelling that you would enjoy.

Tylerfan13:         yes I think that too
Tyler:        thank youT
ylerfan13:         are u friends in real life?
Tyler:        yes     

dawn:      Tyler the last time I asked you a question it was in regard to Clinton being impeached, and you supported him, are you still feeling the same way, and do you feel that the Iraq situation is a diffuser for impeachment?
Tyler:        I still support him I do not believe that his action to strike was a diffuser for impeachment. I believe it was a diffuser of totalatarism I think the timing was right and regardless of the outcome of the situation-- I don't feel the vote will be swayed either way.    

michelle:   hi Tyler I have been waiting to chat with you for ever : how can some get a picture of you and do you want they to bring back Sarah and want do you want for x-mas this year? and I think that Nikolas should be with Sarah Webber..
Tyler:        If they brought back Sarah they would need to add a little flavor to the character - make her not so naive. Every person has a dark side.michelle:  yes I agree      

gretch97: Hi, Tyler! This is Gretchen from Kansas. Merry Christmas! When you tape your scenes, do you do the next week's shows or the same week? I hope I'm making sense.
Tyler:        Show's are taped about three weeks in advance.    

Ronnie:     Who has influenced you the most on GH?
Tyler:        Probably Stephen Nichols because he was my first mentor on the show. The person I worked with the most in the beginning.
Ronnie:     How is it to work with him?
Tyler:        It's great - we have a great father/son connection - it helps a lot.    
Sheila:     Thanks Tyler for chatting with us. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tyler:        Thank you all for coming and I will see you all next month - have a happy New Year           
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