TV Guide on Tyler Leaving GH

TV Guide
By Michael Logan
June 22-26

We are pleased to report Tyler Christopher is leaving General Hospital. It's not that we don't like the kid. We do, tremendously.

From his very first appearance as Nikolas (the secret son of Laura Spencer) in 1996, he was clearly an actor of exciting promise. He had all the prerequisites for teen idoldom (sleepy eyes, pouty lips, gentle sexuality), yet unlike most newcomers, he also possessed great mystery and depth. But GH never matched him with a worthy romantic partner and only rarely showcased his quiet, soulful power (one exception: the recent "death" of Lucky plot, in which he delivered Emmy-caliber work). Christopher, whose role will be recast, ends his run mid-July to seek greener pastures. We hope prime time gives him the attention he richly deserves.
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