General Article on Tyler Leaving GH

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Lately, there has been a great deal of speculation about whether Christopher will re-sign to continue playing Nikolas Cassadine when his GENERAL HOSPITAL contract expires next month. But listen to him speak about his day job, and what emerges is a picture of a man who loves his work. "I'm still learning, and I'm always thinking I can get better, so I'm always trying to improve myself," he says. "I take it very seriously, but at the same time, I just want to have fun. That's what this is all about. Not many people get to have fun in their work and say they can do it for the rest of their lives."

While on GH, he actor has found time to appear in the independent film Catfish in Black Bean Sauce and the short The GiftChristopher was drawn initially to the complexity of his GH character. "Nikolas was sophisticated, and I took it in a different direction than they wanted me to," he elaborates. "They wanted the character to be more stern, hardnosed and difficult to penetrate. I wanted him to be all that, but still have the vulnerable side that everyone has, whether they show it to you or not. I wanted to bring that out so that people would care about him. I didn't want him to be a bad guy with a bad past. I wanted people to like him, despite that."As well as Christopher understands his character, he has no trouble drawing the line between himself and his alter ego. "I'm not the elegant, refined prince that Nikolas is," admits the actor. "I'm very American in every way in which he is not. But I'm learning how to be proper like Nikolas is."T

o date, the scene that stands out in Christopher's mind as the turning point in Nikolas' evolution was the one in which he finds out that his uncle, Stefan, really is his father. "When I came onto this show, that was the big secret," he remembers. "So that was the big scene that everyne was waiting for. And it was such a pivotal point because it exemplified the character finally starting to grow up and grow into a man and become his own person. And he has an identity now. He knows who his mother and father are, and he knows where he stands in the town and with everyone else.
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