Is Tyler leaving GH

Is Tyler leaving GH

It looks like Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) may not be renewing his contract with General Hospital, when it expires in June. He has been with the show since July, 1996."There is nothing to report," hedges a show spokesperon. " When we have something to announce, that's when we'll make an announcement."

However, contrary to published reports, the rep adds that Christopher DID NOT announce at a recent appearance that he'd be leaving GH when his contract expires.  In a recent interview with Digest, the actor shared his feelings about leaving. "If I stay, I'm going to be happy," he explained. "They trust me with stories because I can carry them, and that's a big compliment to me. The stuff they give me is challenging me as an actor, and that's all I really care about -- that I get to do stuff that challenges me every day."

Which is not to say that Christopher, who has landed several independent film roles during his GH tenure, will not follow in the footsteps of paramour and former co-star Vanessa Marcil and try his luck elsewhere. "What we're doing now is very safe," he noted. "But, for me, I want to do other things. I always want to keep myself challenged and move on and do other things. It's scary as hell...but I'll never know if I don't go out and try."

At press time, an L.A. based agent reported that a casting call was still out at GH for a "dark-haired 23 year old male." So, it looks like GH will be ready to recast Nikolas when Christopher announces his plans -- as opposed to "killing" the character like they did with Jonathan Jackon's drama-laden exit as Lucky.

Soaps in Depth May 11,1999
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