Tyler Baker - Pilot License?

It's only been two years since Baker, a wide-eyed teen with uncertain plans from Columbus, Ohio, arrived in Hollywood. He hadn't left home to pursue acting, but in need of work and with two friends in the business, he decided, 'why not?' and began to audition. He was turned down again and again, but eventually landed on GH's doorstep.Since taking on the role of Nikolas, Baker's life has changed dramatically.

He's dating his co-star, Vanessa Marcil (Brenda), and has become something of a jet-setter. "I do a lot of traveling now," says Baker, who is studying for his pilot's license. "I take weekend excursions and fly here and there for a day. It's fun to see places that I never thought I would." 

More important are the accolades Baker is winning for his work. "it's really overwhelming." Baker says of the attention. "But it's a good feeling to see where I was and where I am now." 

What's next? Many soap actors whose stars have burned so brightly quickly left daytime to pursue bigger roles. But not Baker. "I'll be here for at least a couple more years. I'm very happy where I am and anxious to take my character in new directions. 


Soap Opera Update -- June 10, 1997

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