Soap Opera Discovery of 1996

We'd bet the bank that the soap opera discovery of 1996-- General Hospital's Tyler Baker -- will be a big screen megastar be 2006! Not that were trying to rush the kid. Baker arrived in Port Charles last year as the moody, teen-in-turmoil Nikolas Cassadine, the secret son of heroine Laura Spencer -- played by Genie Francis -- and electrified the soap in a way no young talent has since, well, the 1976 arrival of Genie herself. He's an absolute cinch for an Outstanding Younger Actor Emmy. But before he starts working on that podium speech, the fabulous Baker boy has agreed to answer questions from all you fans. And hey, somebody ask him about those recent tabloid reports linking him romantically with costar Vanessa Marcil (Brenda)! We're dying to get the dish.

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