Best New Male Character

Best and Worst 1996: Best New Male Character

Nikolas, General Hospital All Greek heroes have a weakness. For Achilles--his heel. For Nikolas Cassadine, his legacy. As the son of Stravos Cassadine and Laura Spencer, Nikolas is both the pampered heir and abandoned son, Stefan's vengeful protégé and Laura's vulnerable little boy, Lesley Lu's savior and Luke's nemesis. With confidence, sensitivity and a youthful restlesness all his own. Tyler Baker reveals Nikolas's contradictory nature.As impressed are we now, we believe that Baker has just begun to scratch the surface of his talent -- and his storyline. "Being the last of us is a lonely fate," Uncle Stefan cautioned Nikolas. But this young hero won't stay lonely for long. 
 Soap Opera Digest -- December 31, 1996
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