Combustible Combination

College Kid and a Credit Card A college kid and a credit car a combustible combination, says Tyler Baker (GH).

Every since he stared getting weekly paychecks as aGeneral Hospital cast member, Tyler Baker (Nikolas) has been using his money wisely.  "I've been keeping the people quiet who call me every month asking for their money," he says with a laugh."  I hurt myself in the past getting into debt," continues Tyler, noting that it all started his first week of college.  "I went in my mailbox at school, and there was a pre-approved credit card with my name on it.  It looked like gold to me.  It was crazy, when you think about it.  I mean, how could I get one?  I didn't even have a job.  It didn't dawn on me that they give everybody one."  Tyler admits he went "hog-wild" with his new credit card. " And it buried me," he says. "But at least now I can take care of it and get my finances back in order."

Soap Opera Weekly -- December 10, 1996
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