Dark Horse - GH's Tyler Baker

DARK HORSE GH's Tyler Baker

CHARACTER:  Nikolas Cassadine -- long-lost son of Laura Spencer and the late Stravros Cassadine.

November 11, 1972

   "I was born in Joliet, Ill., but raised in Delaware, Ohio. It's a small town right outside of Columbus."

  "My family all lives back in Ohio. My dad's an engineer; my mom works at Wesleyan University, and I have two sisters and a brother, who are all schoolteachers. It's funny, because it never crossed my mind to want to do that. Not one bit."

  "It was really a spur-of-the-moment thing. I was in college--Ohio Weslyan University -- majoring in economics. It wasn't that I was doing badly. I was a good student, but you just know when something's not right for you. I had a cousin who knew that he wanted to be an actor all his life. He moved out to Los Angeles right out of high school. He said to me, "Maybe you should give acting a try. Why don't you come out here?"  Seeing that he was having some moderate success, I thought maybe I could do it, too."

HOLLYWOOD, TAKE ONE:  "I came out here for the first time about three years ago. The day I flew into town my cousin took me over to his agent. He told me to get some pictures done and he would send them out. I went on a couple (of auditions), but after two months I was gone. I really didn't give it a chance."

A QUEST FOR ANSWERS: "When I got back to Ohio, I went to bartending school for a while and ended up working at a couple of bars in Columbus. Then, I worked in a stockyard with construction equipment for six months. That was point where I realized I wanted to go back (to Los Angeles)."

ARABIAN NIGHTS: "Back in February I did an industrial interactive stage show for Pepsi. it was at their marketing conference in Saudi Arabia. I don't know if it was I got to go there as much as I had to go there. (He laughs.) It was in the desert and it rained six of the eight days I was there. When I say rain, I mean monsoon. I basically stayed in my hotel room the whole week."

SOAP-LESS SAYS: "I never watched soaps. Basically, everything I knew about them was what other people were telling me. I have a friend back home who is a big fan of General Hospital. When I told her I was first going out for this audition, she was trying to decipher where I was going to fit in. She did a pretty good job. She probably knows more about the people that I work with everyday than I do."

BABY TALK: "The hardest thing for me so far was my first day of taping, with the babies who play Lesley Lu. I don't have any little sisters, and I haven't been around little kids much. [The director] told me to just talk to her and make her smile. On the final take she had her finger up her nose the whole time I was talking to her. I was smiling -- actually, laughing --at her, but trying to hold it back. So that made it a little easier for me."

IN WITH THE VET SET: "I've gotten to work with Stephen Nichols, Tony Geary, Genie Francis, (Stefan, Luke and Laura)...At first, I was like--whoa!" But they were so warm that they made me feel comfortable. They're all so calm and confident in what they're doing. They know they're good. They don't need to say it. You can see it in their work. I want to get to that point. I've learned more in the past few weeks form watching and working with them than I have in my whole life--in any aspect."

SINGLE, BUT SPOKEN FOR: "I've been dating the same girl for five or six years. We've been together since she was 14; we went to the same high school. She supports my moving out here, even though she lives in Ohio. We've stayed together by phone, basically. I've been back a few times to visit her, and she's staying here for the summer. She was here for my General Hospital audition and everything. So that's been really exciting."

Soap Opera Weekly -- August 27, 1996

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