Tyler Speaks to Hayes High School Graduates -- June 2004

Tyler Christopher Speak to Hayes High School GradsTyler was a guest speaker at the 2004 Graduation at Hayes High School.  The following is from the Delaware Gazette!

Actor Tyler Christopher, a 1991 Hayes graduate, also addressed the Class of 2004. Christopher, who graduated from Hayes as Tyler Baker, told the class that fame carries with it responsibility. "People listen to you simply because of who you are," he said......When you have someone's undivided attention, if you don't help them realize their hopes and dreams and conquer their fears...your life means very little, in my opinion."

Christopher, who attended OWU before heading to Los Angeles, in 1995, said a mysterious illness and an "enormous fever" of over 106 degrees changed his life. He had come to California expecting instant success, he said. "...I felt that I was better than my waiter job," he said."...I really thought that as I set down my tray, Steven Spielberg was going to tap me on the shoulder and say 'I really liked the way you did that.'"

He was angry and depressed when he became ill, Christopher said, but as he lay packed in ice in the hospital, he resolved to change his approach, to study acting and learn his craft. Six months later, he got his first job, in the daytime program "General Hospital." "You don't have to be broken down; you don't have to hit rock bottom, he told the graduates."...You have the opportunity to go out and get all the tools that you need." And faced with the powers to influence one person or a million, he said, "What will you say?"

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