Dream Lover

Tyler ChristopherTyler Christopher (Nikolas) is a fantasy come to life.Hard as it may be to believe, Tyler Christopher is more handsome in person than he appears to be on GENERAL HOSPITAL.  But even more impressive, he's sharp as a tack. He knows very well that his job encompasses more than memorizing lines and breathing life into his character, Cassadine Prince Nikolas. "It's our job," he says, "to give the audience a taste of what can be. That's what going to the movies is all about [too]...allowing the audience to go, 'I never thought that was possible.'"Certainly, few of us have ever dreamt we'd find a romance that's as perfect as that of Nikolas and his fiancee, Emily. "A lot of people joke about how sappy their relationship is," he admits. "But if you step back and look at it, then look at your own life, [they share] the kinds of private moments you have with whomever your special someone is.  We're not completely ourselves when we're out in public. When you're at home with your wife or your husband or whomever it may be, you're different with each other."Is it sappy?" he continues, thinking aloud. "Absolutely. But it's what a lot of people have." At least, he adds, "it's what a lot of people want."

Yours Truly, Madly, Deeply
Whether viewers have yet to find their own Nikolas, Christopher has a theory about why his Port Charles counterpart is so popular: Simply put, we feel like we know him, he suggests. "They want to see people who are like themselves. They want to look at a character and say, 'I know how you feel about Emily, because I felt that way about somebody.'"To keep a Greek royal who lives in a castle relatable to masses, the actor reminds himself that Nikolas is not as perfect as he seems. In fact, he has a fatal flaw: "He wears his heart on his sleeve. It's a dichotomy. it's a flaw because sometimes it gets him into trouble. But it's also an incredible gift, because he's so passionate about the people that he loves, and he shows it."

A Fork In The Road
Luckily for Christopher -- and perhaps unfortunately for his throngs of admirers -- he has found the one woman he loves above all others: his beautiful wife, Eva Longoria (once the villainous Isabella on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS) and soon to be the star of GH co-headwriter Charles Pratt Jr.'s pilot DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.  Even more fortuitous, he was prepared for Cupid's arrow when it struck. You see, it wasn't so long ago that the hunk kept his feelings under wraps, hidden behind a too-cool facade. "To really be honest, my relationship with Vanessa (Marcil, the VEGAS headliner who was GH's Brenda] is what brought me out of that.  I was fresh off the boat from Ohio [back then].  Nobody talks about anything in Ohio!  It was the first time in my life that somebody really wanted to know more about me than where I liked to buy my clothes. "That shocked me," he confesses. "I wasn't ready for it. It was in that relationship where I really came out [of myself]. Since then, I've kept growing."

Paradise Found
Christopher's happiness at home is so complete that it shows through in his work on GH. Think about it. For every time that Nikolas has looked deeply into Emily's eyes and told her that he loves her, he has probably done the same with his missus. "Nikolas has to be truly believe that he would do anything for this woman, "Christopher offers. "A lot of people say I love you, but it's sort of empty. Routine. [the real thing] can be so subtle, just a look away for a half-second.  There's always something that allows you to really see a person's true self."  Both Eva and I have that with each other," he concludes. "It's that ability to read each other's soul.  It's a connection that's not on a physical level.  It's more of a cosmic thing.  As outlandish and over-the-top in love as it may seem, I truly believe that."
PLAY Time. Catch Tyler Christopher on stage!
Starting April 2, you can see the GH-er live and in-person on stage in The Boys Next Door. "It's about four handicapped adults that live in a group home together -- how they relate with each other, how they function in society and how society perceives them," he says. "thye have the gift of short-term memory. People treat them so badly sometimes and say things that are so wrong, yet they love them anyway much like a child would. That's what's so endearing about these guys." The show is running Fridays at 8pm and Saturdays at 3pm and 8pm. To order your own $20 ticket, call the box office at (323) 467-6688
Quote beside a photo of Nikolas and Emily: Is Nikolas and Emily's love affair too good to be true? Nah insists the GH leading man. "It's real."
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