A Work Of Art

Although longtime fans of Tyler Christopher have seen photos of his tattoos--a cross on his right arm, and a band encircling his left--the actor wasn't sure that body art is something GENERAL HOSPITAL's Prince Nikolas would get into. As such, he initially decided to cover them with makeup when the script called for Nik to doff his shirt. That plan, though, soon fell by the wayside. "They're not as easy to cover as one may think," Christopher explains. "There is a special tool that's like an air brush you'd paint a wall with, but it's a tool we don't have [on the GH set]. So when the day came that we needed it, because I didn't ask for it, it wasn't there." As a result the actor says he asked himself, "is it that important to me?" Once the audience sees them for a while, they'll get over it. I just thought that it might not be something my character would have."


Soaps In Depth Dec. 23, 2003

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