Real Life Couple Update

The Backstage Scoop On Soaps Off-Screen Duos

" This pairing stunned the daytime community because many were not even aware they were a couple when they eloped to Las Vegas in January, 2002. "We dated, then stayed friends, then dated again," explains Tyler. He and his wife are also friendly with another famous couple who tied the knot that year: Freddie Prinze, Jr., and Sarah Michelle Gellar (ex-Kendall, AMC): they were present when the Christophers got hitched. Though Eva missed the Prinze/Gellar nups in Mexico ("I got deathly ill the day we were supposed to fly out," she sighs. "I had walking pneumonia. I was miserable"), Tyler was present to wish their pals well. "It was a really good time," he shares. "I had never been to any place tropical like that, so for me, it was like a little vacation. "The couple confides that marriage itself hasn't exactly been a vacation, but they're committed to making their union last. "[Being married] is harder than we thought," Eva admits with a laugh. "I'm still waiting for some profound advice. So far all I've gotten is, 'Be nice to each other.' Thanks a lot! "The actress looks to her parents' union for inspiration. "My parents have been married for 36 years. They've worked through everything. They got married at a time when divorce wasn't an option. My parents went through some rough stuff, and now they are in their happiest years ever. We haven't even begun to experience the bliss of marriage on that level."
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