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GENERAL HOSPITAL's Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) hopes for the support of his fans in building his dream theater!

A while back, Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) and a small group of friends had the dream of starting a theater group.  Three years later and with several productions already under their belts, it's time to expand the company, called The 68 Cent Crew.  "We are getting ready to move into our new theater," the actor reports.  "It's just an empty space at this point and we need money to build it."  That's where he's hoping GH fans can lend a hand.

Benefit Performance
For starters, Christopher is holding a fundraiser in Los Angeles on Sunday, August 24 in conjunction with the GH Fan Weekend.  "I'm starting to recruit some people from the show who are being gracious enough to do a Q&A for the fans.  Rick Hearst (Ric) and Greg Vaughan (Lucky) have already confirmed that they'll be there."  I'm trying to use my status on GH to bring a little more attentnion to theater in Los Angeles," he continues.  "If we have fans literally investing in something everyone loves, hopefully it will make them feel like a part of the process, especially when they come to see the shows.  "They're a part of it."  To add to the incentive of chatting with a few GH hunks, Christopher is hoping to create a wall in the theater listing all those who contributed to its construction.

The Theater Experience
We've already done some good theater [productions] and reviews have upheld that," Christopher states.  "We, the people in our company, feel that it's important to have theater in Los Angeles.  Still, it's so hard to get people to come out to shows.  No one wants to get in their cars and drive in traffic on a Friday night.  But we think it's an intricate part of the business.  The people in the group with me come from theater backgrounds and it's a big part of our lives." Because you're so close physically to the performance, I find theater to be more moving" he shares.  "And when you're in a small theater like that, it's so intimate and you have such a close look into story that you can't help but become involved.  There's something pure about it that brings everybody together."

ABC Soaps In Depth --  August 19, 2003

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