It's Time To Settle Down

It's Time to Settle Down

News of Tyler Christopher's return to General Hospital as hunky prince Nikolas Cassadine shocked everyone -- except the actor.The recast has been "in development", states Christopher.  "It's been about a month long process from beginning to end." 

Christopher, who left daytime in 1999 to pursue prime-time and film, is anxious to rejoin GH for "myriad" reasons.  "They've got a lot of great actors that want to be here.  Bob (Guza) and Chuck (Pratt) are writing great stories.  Plus, there are other things in my life that are becoming more important than slipping from job to job, and that's what the last four years of my life have consisted of.  Some people are OK with that, and to some degree I am, but there came a point it was like, 'it's time to settle down, enjoy my life with my wife, (Eva Longoria; Isabella on the Y&R), and not be so crazy all the time' that weighed heavily in my decision to come back."

How has Christopher changed in five years?  "I am older, years more mature, and I've grown incredibly," he replies.  "I've had a chance to do a lot of different things-character stuff that normally I wouldn't get a chance to do; nothing to do with being a leading man.  Edgy, dark roles.  I've also continued to do theater.  Going from job to job humbles you, and it keeps you sharp.Christopher has no idea what's in for Nikolas, but he suspects the writers "are going to shift gears with the character," whose recently got very dark.   "There is going to be a bit of transition period."....

Soap Opera Weekly  --  May 13, 2003

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