Couple Update

Tyler and EvaEva Longoria (Isabella) and husband Tyler Christopher (Nikolas, GENERAL HOSPITAL)

Mr. and Mrs. Romance
When it comes to thoughtful, romantic gestures, Eva Longoria (Isabella) knows that hubby Tyler Christopher (Nikolas, GH) isn't one to wait for a special occasion.  "He is very romantic every day!  He leaves notes, writes me poems, gives me foot rubs, makes me dinner, brings me tea if I'm not feeling well!"  Even when working on their computers on opposite ends of their new L.A.-area home, the two remain connected.  "Tyler Instant-messages me!  It makes me laugh," she shares with a smile.  "He is very thoughtful, very sweet.  Tyler is my best firend, and I can't think of anyone I'd rather be with."  The marrieds do everything together, including going to the gym and reading lines.  "We were friends before we were romantically involved, and that hasn't changed."


CBS Soaps In Depth  --  May 6, 2003

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