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Y&R's Eva Longoria and Ex-GHer Tyler Christopher Admit Marriage Is All About The Prizes

It seems fitting that after celebrating their first anniversary on January 20, Eva Longoria (Isabella, YOUNG AND RESTLESS) and Tyler Christopher (ex-Nikolas, GENERAL HOSPITAL) opted for the traditional gift of paper:  The couple sat down with Digest to put their feelings about matrimony in print

Digest:  So, what do you think of married life?
Tyler Christopher:  Hmm.
Eva Longoria (laughs): They say the first year is the hardest because it's all about getting out of your single-life atmosphere and getting into married life and getting comfortable with it.  We're at a point now where we love it and we are comfortable.  Now, it's clear sailing.  Right, babe?
Christopher: Yeah.(
they both laugh)

Digest:  What have been some of the hurdles?
Christopher:  For me, it's simply been the adjustment in lifestyle -- going from living alone to living with somebody, sharing space, things that none of us are ever really prepared for unless you've done it before.  And neither of us had been married, so it's a new experience.  In a good way, of course.
Longoria:  We both have our habits that we won't give up, but I agree with Tyler.  It's all about going from selfish to selfless and constantly thinking of the other person.  If I'm at the grocery store, I think, "What would Tyler want?"

Digest:  What are some of the personality differences you've encountered?
Longoria:  I like it hot in the house and Tyler likes it cold.  He leaves the water running when he brushes his teeth and I don't.  But we compromise.  If I do something that I will not change, he goes, "You do that and I get to run my water." And I say okay.

Digest:  Besides love, what else is vital for a successful marriage?
Longoria:  Trust.  Faith.  Communication
Christopher:  All the cliches are true.
Longoria:  You need every great attribute that you can contribute to the marriage.  It's exhausting [laughs].  When things go wrong, it's easy to bail.  Having faith in your marriage, working through the hard times, sticking it out and being committed to each other is essential.  Marriage is a commitment.

Digest:  Who do you feel has a successful marriage?
Longoria:  Scott and Missy Reeves ex-Ryan, Y&R, and Jennifer, DAYS OF OUR LIVES].  Alexia [Robinson, ex-Alex,Y&R] and her husband, Herman.,  I know they're not married, but I admire Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn.  When you hear them talk about each other, it's like they're still dating.  And they've been together 20 years.

  People say that marriage is an institution.  Is it?(They both laugh)
Longoria:  Like a crazy institution?  It's definitely a different club.  You see yourself gravitating away from the extreme single friends and gravitating more to married friends, only because you have more in common with them.   We have to "date" other couples now.

Digest:  Speaking of other couples, your pals, Sarah Michelle Gellar [ex-Kendall, ALL MY CHILDREN] and Freddie Prinze, Jr., tied the knot after you.  Did you offer any advice?
Christopher:  No.  The things they have to deal with we haven't had any experience with.  They dated.  We eloped.   They had been together for a while.  We dated, then didn't, then dated again.  But I think they're definitely headed in the right direction.

Digest:  Does being in the spotlight complicate a marriage?
Christopher:  It doesn't bother me.  We're not anywhere near the scale of mega-celebrities, so where we're at right now, it's still safe.   I think if you have nothing to hide and lay it all out there, people quit talking about it.   People like to talk about things that are mysterious and they don't know about so they can formulate their own opinions.   The more you hide behind that, the more it gets exploited.   Take the Osbournes, who have everything to hide.
Longoria:  But don't.
Christopher:  And people like them respect them for it and move on.
Longoria:  Compare that to a Whitney [Houston] and Bobby [Brown].
Christopher:  Who hide everything and the next thing you know, they're blasted everywhere and people draw their own conclusions.  I guest the point is, if you smoke crack, say it.
Longoria: (laughs):  I agree.  Not that I don't care, but what does it matter what The Star thinks about me?  It matters what my husband, my family and God think about me.

Digest: What's a typical day like in the Christopher/Longoria household?
Longoria:  If we're not working, we wake up and work out.  We work out together all the time.  We cook at home a lot.   We watch the Discover Channel [laughs]. 
Christopher:  We entertain a lot.  We always have people over.
Longoria:  We just moved into this great house with a Jacuzzi, so we get in the Jacuzzi.  We're in the hermit stage right now.  We just want to stay in our house.

  Not always easy with two working actors.  Do you strive for alone time?
Longoria:  Yeah.  That was a big adjustment in the first year of marriage.  And we recently found that niche, spending time with each other and cutting off the world so we can learn more about each other.  There's so much more to discover.  When you get married, it doesn't mean you know everything about that person.

Digest:  What plans do you have for the new house?
Longoria:  When we moved, I discovered there's a bit of [THIS OLD HOUSE's] Bob Vila in Tyler that I had never seen before.  He's a handyman.  If something breaks, he fixes it and I'm like, "Wow!"  When we were in an apartment, we would just call the landlord.  Now, it's Tyler's job.
Christopher:  With the house, I'm forced to become handy.
Longoria:  Furnishing the place will be the first priority.  When you live in a one-bedroom apartment and you movie into a house, you're like, "Hey, there are some extra rooms."  We need a dining room table.  Another bed.

Digest:  So besides wedding gifts what's the best part of married life?
Christopher:  Being together.  Knowing you have somebody to come home to. That feeling of comfort, where all your inhibitions are gone and you don't have to feel nervous and afraid and uncomfortable anymore -- that's a great feeling.
Longoria:  The best part is that Tyler is my family.  People think he's my husband, but Tyler is my family.  Here in L.A., we don't have our families, but we have each other.  That's a blessing.

Digest:  And the worst?
Longoria:  Compromising [laughs].  Giving up things.  I gave up soda because Tyler doesn't drink soda. What have you compromised on besides the heat?
Christopher:  The sound of a fan.
Longoria:  (laughs):  He needs a fan when we sleep and I refuse to have a fan blowing because I'm always freezing.  Growing up, it was so hot in Texas that I think my body just got used to it, so now I get cold very fast.   But that's not the worst part, that's a healthy part.  Just getting comfortable with each other's lifestyle and habits.  We were raised differently, we act differently, and well probably pass on our bad habits to our kids [laughs]

Digest:  Speaking of which, can you guess the next question?Christopher:  Kids?(They both laugh.)
Christopher:  We're going to wait and see what the next year brings us, careerwise.  She's in the last year of her contract, so we'll see what happens with that.  I'm at a bit of a crossroads myself, going to the next level.  We're ready -- emotionally, intellectually.  We are ready.
Longoria:  My sister had the first grandchild in our family, so the pressure's off me [laughs].  Tyler has 11 nieces and nephews, so there's no pressure from his family.

Digest:  What do you want first, boy or girl?Longoria:  Healthy.
Christopher:  Yeah.
Longoria:  We want both.  With my family, there's a history of girls.  My mom has nine sisters.  I have three sisters, no brothers.  My sister just had a daughter.  So, I think we'll probably have a girl, but I want boys and girls.

Digest:  Because you eloped, any plans to have a traditional wedding?
Christopher:  She wants one.
Longoria: That's the other compromise [laughs].  Not so much a big wedding, but a ceremony that our families can be a part of.  It's a big deal to them.  They say that weddings don't make a marriage, and I agree, but our families would like to share in that, even though we've been married a year.
Christopher:  At some point, I think we'll renew our vows.
Longoria:  This is fun.  It's like being on THE NEWLYWED GAME.

Digest:  How do you think you'd are on that show
Longoria:  We play [along with reruns of] THE NEWLYWED GAME all the time when we catch it on TV.  We're pretty good, right, babe?
Christopher:  Yeah. We won a few times.
Longoria:  We won the "color TV" [laughs].
Christopher:  And a set of luggage.

Digest:  So, married life is all about the prizes?Longoria:  There you go [laughs]. Sidenotes:  Take Them Away:  The duo hasn't had an official honeymoon yet, but Eva Longoria says when they do, "It will be someplace private and tropical. Paradise.  A lasting memory."

Soap Opera Digest  --  February 18, 2003

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