The Secrets Behind Certain Soap Grads' Red-Hot Careers!

One Insider Explains What It Takes To Succeed!

A member of Tamblyn and Sky's GH generation, Tyler Christopher (ex-Nikolas) also has been busy this TV season with roles on TWILIGHT ZONE, BOOMTOWN, JAG, CSI AND CROSSING JORDAN. 

"It's remarkable," says his manager Rick Beddingfield.  "I don't think I've ever seen anybody knock off five premium primetime guest-star jobs in this short a time."  What's the secret to Christopher's success?  "The people who have the chops continue forward," Beddingfield suggests, all the while allowing that the reason more actors don't shine after daytime remains "a mystery to me.  But when it comes to the likes of Chrisotpher, Beddingfield proposes that casting directors "want them because they can do the job, they have a likability factor, they're attractive and/or they're character-y but talented.  People from daytime bring experience that primetime now is valuing."


Soaps In Depth  --  December 24, 2002

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