Tyler lands lead in Pilot

Tyler lands lead in Pilot  (Out of the Black website)



Out of the Black's Tyler Christopher lands lead in Columbia Tri Star's New World War II Drama "Sam's Circus" Tyler Christopher, the lead Cole Malby in Out of the Black, recently landed the much-coveted series lead role of 'Sarge' in CBS's Tri Star "Sam's Circus."  The much talked about World War II drama begins shooting in London next week.  In preparation for the role, Christopher is currently undergoing intensive boot camp training, led by Dale Dye, senior military advisor for Rules of Engagement, Saving Private Ryan and by Dale Dye, senior military advisor for Platoon.

"The only footage they (Columbia Tri Star) were interested in seeing was clips of Tyler's performance in Out of the Black," said Christopher's manager Linda Wrightman (sic).  "Those scenes landed Tyler the role."

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