Face The Music

Tyler Christopher (ex-Nikolas, GH)

When Tyler Christopher opted to leave his role of General Hospital's regal yet tortured Nikolas Cassadine, he said it was so that he could pursue a variety of other roles. The versatile performer has met his goal.  He's taken on the challenging part of an accidental cross-dresser in the film "Face The Music," set for release later this year.   "Face The Music is a story of a musician, my character Dan, who is manipulated by his record label executives into making their kind of music -- not his," he explains. "  Then, the label drops him, so he fakes his death, hoping his career will skyrocket. But nobody cares that he's died. So the only way he can go out in public is as another persona -- Danielle." "

The parallels between Dan's predicament and ones that face showbiz hopefuls are many. "The story does play on a lot of the ironies in Hollywood," concurs Christopher. "People don't necessarily change their genders to get what they want out here, but there are some equally crazy things that people will do to gain success."  To gain the confidence needed to walk around the movie set as a woman, Christopher got made up as Danielle and went out in L.A. for a night on the town! Christopher's other roles include parts in the films "Catfish In Black Bean Sauce," and "Out Of The Black," 

On TV, he's appeared on THE PRETENDER, ANGEL, CHARMED and FAMILY LAW, and has just completed a short stint on DAYS OF OUR LIVES!  Christopher is in close touch with former TV sibling Jonathan Jackson (ex-Lucky), "Jonathan and I have actually gotten closer since we've left the show," shares Christopher, who's also on good terms with former fiancee Vanessa Marcil (ex-Brenda). "We've been able to remain very good friends," which is good, because as Christopher knows, "it doesn't always work out that way."

Christopher remains content over his decision to leave daytime. "Doing 'Face The Music' is a great example of why I gave up the stability of GH. To a lot of the outside world, it was a case of 'Why are you leaving a steady job?'  But my doing this movie is exactly why I did leave."  As for future roles, Christopher says, "I just want to be passionate about my work. If I'm not going to have passion, then I'm not going to have a good time. Right now, I'm having a blast."  As are his fans watching him at the movies and in primetime!


Soap Opera UpdateFebruary 13, 2001

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