Christopher Returns in Pretender Movie

Christopher Returns In Pretender Movie

General Hospital alum Tyler Christopher (ex-Nikolas) talks about his role in The Pretender 2001, a new TV-movie sequel to the fan favorite series.

The In Depth Story:
Christopher previously guest-starred on the series finale on NBC's THE PRETENDER, as Ethan, the long-lost brother of the show's hero (played by Michael T. Wiss, ex-Mike, DAYS OF OUR LIVES). Now, a TNT movie (to be rebroadcast Friday, February 2, at 10 p.m. EST) picks up where that last episode left off."

It was an excellent experience!" Christopher says of his much-anticipated revisiting the emotionally tortured Ethan. "It's a challenging role, something that I would love to continue to do." Christopher says he so enjoyed working for TNT that he is eager to return again. "[They were] totally behind it, more than NBC ever was, and it's making a difference," he offers. "They're putting their sweat and money into it, and from what I hear, they're really happy with the finished project."Although he will not appear in the next Pretender TV movie, Christopher holds out hope. "If the audience receives it as well as they did the series, we're confident there could be more."



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