Bittersweet times for Tyler Christopher

These are bittersweet times for Tyler Christopher (ex-Nikolas, GENERAL HOSPITAL). The good news: Catfish in Black Bean Sauce, the independent film he made in 1998 while still on GH, finally is getting a theatrical release. And the bad news: THE PRETENDER, in which Christopher recently was cast as a regular has been canceled by NBC.

Catfish in Black Bean SauceThe IN Depth Story:

Catfish made history when it swept the eight-annual Florida Film Festival and the 32nd Annual World Fest-Houston International Film Festival winning both competitions' grand prizes for Best Feature Film and their Audience Awards.  "It was a very pleasant surprise," Christopher says. "I'm really excited about it."

Tyler text In the picture, the actor portrays the roommate of a Vietnamese man, who, along with his sister, is reunited with their birth mother after being raised by an African-American couple (played by Oscar nominee Paul Winfield and Mary Alice).

"It touches on a lot of stereotypes," he says. "I was proud to be part of it." Unfortunately, the excitement surrounding Catfish coincides with the end of THE PRETENDER.  Christopher debuted in the May 13 show finale as the brother of series lead Michael T. Weiss (ex-Mike DAYS OF OUR LIVES), and was slated to return next season.  While "disappointed," Christopher has put the matter in perspective: "I did something I really loved and made a lot of friends," he philosophizes. "So I'm okay with it."  On the upside, Christopher now is free to return to the WB's ANGEL as lawyer Brett Fogler, the role he originated in an episode last spring.   "As far as I know, [I'll] be back," he reveals.  Meanwhile, he begins work in August on another film. Although vague on the details, he hints that this could be his "breakout" role.  "It's 100 percent drama," he notes, "which I haven't done in a while."

Soaps In Depth--  June 13, 2000

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