Catfish information from TV Guide Chat

UPDATE: per Tyler at the 5/12 AOL/TV Guide chat:

Question: When is your movie coming out? What's it about?
TVG Tyler C: It's called Catfish in Black Bean Sauce. It comes out this June in limited release around the country. I'm not sure of the exact cities yet. Depending on how well it does, it will be in wide release by the fall. Or late summer. If it does really well. I think possibly LA, Boston, NY, Chicago, Dallas, and maybe Florida somewhere, and couple of other citites. That's going to be it for now. It's about these two Vietnamese children who are raised by an African American family. They're adopted by a man who was in Vietnam. It's about what happens after they grew up and try to find their birth mother.They end up finding her and she comes to America. There is a conflict between the family that raised him and the mother who wants to be a mom. I play the roommate of one of the brothers. I'm the comic relief. As far as the premise, I don't have anything to do with that.

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