Tyler Christopher: Mama's Boy

GH's Tyler Christopher: Mama's Boy

When Tyler Christopher landed the role of New  York attorney Robert Ames in a theatrical production of Dorothy Parker's Ladies of the Corridor, he was thrilled for many reasons. 

"The part is a chance to play a little bit older, kind of more my age, and it's dated a bit. It's set in the '50s, and things were just different back then.  Also I just love being onstage," Christopher explains.  "Back in the '50s, [being in your] late 20s was a lot older than it is today."  The play centers around Robert's mother, who is moving to New York to live in a hotel filled with female residents.  Robert is torn between his mother and his wife, "who have a conflict of interest, so to speak.  He wants to take care of here.  He wants her to be OK.  He thinks she's not really enjoying her life and not keeping busy with things that she should.  He thinks she's moving away from Akron, Ohio, where they grew up, to escape.

"[Robert is] like his father in the way that he's really committed to his work," Christopher continues.  "One of the gripes his mother had about his father was that he was always at work, never with her.  Robert really loves his mother and thinks her moving into this hotel with all these other women is just not the answer.  "The actor found himself chuckling a bit when he  first got a glimpse of himself in the mirror with his early '50s hairstyle.  "It's kind of like a slick look parted on the side -- a very definite, distinct part on the side of the head," he explains.  However, when it came time to don the attire, Christopher was very pleased.  "The clothes from that era, especially the suits, are[in style now].  Wool suits are coming back around again, wool pants and wool coats.  They're really nice and beautiful

."Ladies of the Corridor runs Monday and Tuesday nights through April 18 at the Tamarind Theater in Hollywood, CA. Call 93230 662-0553 for reservations.

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