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Tyler Christopher
Friday, May 12, 2000

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TVGLive2: Hi Tyler!
TVG Tyler C: Hello.

Question: Tyler, without giving away any "secrets," what can you tell us about your character on "The Pretender"?
TVG Tyler C: He is a part of the Centre. He grew up not unlike Jarod, was raised by Mr. Raines and is kind of his story is kind of very similar to how Jarod grew up. Controlled by the Center. They used his abilities to help Mr. Raines. Although he's in hisearly 20s he's very childlike almost schitzophrinic like. All he knows is the Center. He doesn't have a grasp on reality. He hears voices. It's like a 6th sense. They tell him to do things both good and bad. His goal and only purpose is to find his parents. That's what he struggles with every day.

Question: Tyler, we're all looking forward to meeting Jarod's new brother. Did you find working with the Pretender cast to be an enjoyable experience?
TVG Tyler C: It was great and a great challenge for being that it's a real character role for me. That's something that I've been wanting to do for a while. It's a character across the boards, so I got to use the skills of an actor that I've had for years . Itwas a real challenge and pleasure to be able to find something likethat.

Question: What was the hardest scene for you while you were taping tP. Any funny outtakes you can tell us about.
TVG Tyler C: Funny outakes, hmm. Let me see. Nothing really to tell there. Hardest scene was when you first see Ethan assembling what appears to be a bomb, because the way it was shot was all on videotape so the way I had to walk...It was hard because it was a very intense scene and I had to move and walk in the path of the camera. They show the scene as a videotape so you can't move it around cause it's supposed to be Ethan filming it himself. That was difficult for me to move around so the audience can see me.

Question: I really enjoyed your chemistry with Stephen Nichols. What have you learned from working with him and do you stay in touch?
TVG Tyler C: From Stephen I learned how to be a professional. What I mean by that is always rehearse before, which is not required of us. The only requirement is that we know our lines. He was always on time and in love with the craft of acting. I learned how to appreciate every day the incredible gift we are given to as actors and get paid for it well. He just really taught me how to appreciate that.

Question: Tyler, is it true you will play the lead (Cole Malby) in the movie Out of the Black?
TVG Tyler C: We are in negotiations right now. But it's not a finished deal yet. It is something I've been asked to and excited about doing, but I can't say at this time that it's a definite go.

Question: A question for Tyler Christopher: If "The Pretender" is not picked up by another network, rumor has it that you may return to a recurring role on "Angel" next year. What can you tell us about the status of your "Angel" role at this point?
TVG Tyler C: Yeah. I premiered on Angel a few weeks ago as a kind of hot shot attorney. Very high strung, Brett Mogler was the name. Unfortunately, I couldn't continue cause I was shooting the Pretender. I was asked back for the season finale but couldn't make it. I might work for them in the future. It was great time.

TVG Tyler C: I've been acting for about 4 1/2 years now. And it was more of something that I kind of grew to love rather than it being a dream of mine. I came out here to LA about 5 1/2 years ago and I just saw how much fun everyone was having doing it. I found myself being really good at it. I started to study really hard and be good at it. I started to get jobs and I absolutely fell in love with it.

Question: When is your movie coming out? What's it about?
TVG Tyler C: It's called Catfish in Black Bean Sauce. It comes out this June in limited release around the country. I'm not sure of the exact cities yet. Depending on how well it does, it will be in wide release by the fall. Or late summer. If it does reallywell. I think possibly LA, Boston, NY, Chicago, Dallas, and maybe Florida somewhere, and couple of other cities. That's going to be it for now. It's about these two Vietnamese children who are raised by an African American family. They're adopted by a man who was in Vietnam. It's about what happens after they grew up and try to find their birth mother. They end up finding her and she comes to America. There is a conflict between the family that raised him and the mother who wants to be a mom. I play the roommate of one of the brothers. I'm the comic relief. As far as the premise, I don't have anything to do with that.

Question: Who are you professional mentors, if any? Who's acting styles do you admire?
TVG Tyler C: Right now my acting coach, Andrew McGarren, who I've been working with the past couple of years has helped me grow into the actor, the performer that I want to be. I work with him on every project, small and big. I respect him as a man and a coach.  He has a unique approach to the craft that I respect intensely.

Question: What's the last good book you read?
TVG Tyler C: I read a biography on Marlon Brando who I jus tfind fascinating as both a performer and a person.

Question: Hi Tyler: Wilma from NY. Do you have any plans to perform theatre in NY? (Off-Off Bway-> Bway)
TVG Tyler C: I don't have plans, I have aspirations.  I would jump at the chance to do a Broadway show. I've had success in LA theatre. If the opportunity ever came about to go to New York and do theatre there I would not hesitate to go.

Question: What do you do for fun in your spare time?
TVG Tyler C: I have a lot right now. These months are the slow time. I do a lot of traveling. I see friends and family that are out of town. In the next couple of months off I have trips planned to Kansas, Colorado, and Ohio which is where I'm from. I'm stopping in Colorado to buy a dog. I'm getting a bigger place and my first two are really well behaved.

Question: What projects will you do next?
TVG Tyler C: Nothing right now just. The seasons over, this is my break time, this is my down time. This is what I'm doing with it...absolutely nothing.

Question: Do you have a webpage we could look at? can you give it o us?
TVG Tyler C: I do actually, I don't know the address, but I do believe there is one out there somewhere.

TVGLive2: Thanks Tyler! We'll be watching tomorrow night! (8PM ET on NBC folks)!
TVG Tyler C: Thank you all for signing on to listen to me babble and thanks for following me after the show and supporting mycareer. I greatly appreciate it. And good night.

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