Here Comes the Groom

GH's Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) invites Soaps In Depth readers to his wedding celebration!

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Tyler and BrienneThere's such a thing as a "wedding party"...then there's a "wedding partay!"  GENERAL HOSPITAL's Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) and his new bride, Brienne, without a doubt had the latter.  They didn't just have a wedding day, they had a wedding weekend!"

CAPTION:  Even the wedding ceremony made us laugh," says Brienne.  Christopher adds, "She makes me laugh.  That's the spice of life."

"It's so much work for people to travel and take time out of their [lives] to come to a wedding," Christopher says.  "We thought it would be nice to make it worth their while and make it a nice, big weekend getaway party for everybody."

That they did, and in grand style.  They, along with a handful of the 150 or so guests, arrive at the Ojai Valley Inn And Spa Resort on a Wednesday ready for days and days of celebration.  "A lot of our Their first kiss as a married and friends were with us from Wednesday on," says Brienne.  "We had a welcome dinner on Friday night and live music at everything we hosted.  Every night was full of funny stories and people laughing.  It was a good time.  We even had our dogs with us as part of the ceremony."

 CAPTION:  "Tyler and I got engaged after we had been dating
only for a month," says the happy bride.  "From the moment we
met, there was something that was different.

Although the happy couple originally were looking into a beachside wedding, the minute they arrive in Ojai, CA, theyknew they had found someplace special.  "It's gorgeous there," says Brienne.  "It's nestled in the hills. The views and the sunsets are just spectacular.  We went up to Ojai, and it was pouring down rain.  Even in the middle of a thunderstorm, there was just something about his place that was so special and so romantic. We knew this was it."

Tyler's family

CAPTION:  Christopher's family included stepmom, Sandy,
Christopher's dad Jim, his mom Jimi Ann, his sister Susan and
her husband Rob, and his sister Lisa and her husband Jim.

"It's such a blessing to call Tyler's family my own," says
Brienne.  "They've welcomed me with open arms from day one. 
You couldn't find a more generous, kind-hearted people, if
you tried.




PHOTOS AND CAPTIONS FOR PAGES 3-4 of a 6 page spread.

Brandford, John, Laura

 CAPTIONS FOR THE FOLLOWING THREE PHOTOS:  Among the guests were Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth) and her husband, Michael Saucedo (ex-Juan), Brandford Anderson (Spinelli) with Laura Wright (Carly) and husband John, and Greg Vaughan (Lucky) and his weife, Touriya.  (That's Kelly Monaco (Sam) and her boyfriend, Michael, behind them.)  "It was great that most of them were able to show up and be there," Christopher says.

Touriya and GregBecky and Michael Saucedo


CAPTION:  "This dress was totally different than what I was initially going for," says the bride.  "But when I picked this up and started dancing around, my best friend started crying, and I was, like, 'I guess this is it.'"

CAPTION:  "There's something so kind about his eyes, about his voice," Brienne says of her new husband.  "He's got the biggest heart of anyone I've ever met.  He's kind and loyal, more than anyone could ever know.  I'm tearing up just tearing up about it.



 CAPTION:  Brienne's brother Mathew, mom Juliane, Grandma Staggs, Grandma Pedigo and father Gary joined in the celebration.  "What a nice family all around," Christopher says.  "You get a peek into what your spouse is going to be like when you grow old together.  The evidence is there for us to have a great life together."






CAPTION:  The Christophers hired the town's trolley cars for the wedding day!  "That's how we transported guests from the wedding ceremony, which was in an herb garden, about a half mile to the barn for the reception," Brienne explains.


CAPTION:  Brienne's maid of honor, Emily (the redhead), has been her best friend since she was 7.  "Emily's husband, who's a dear friend of mine, and my brother were on my side during the wedding.  So I had two bridesmen, as well," Brienne says.





CAPTION:  "The reception was actually in a working barn," says Brienne. 
"They had goats and horses and everything."


CAPTION:  Since the reception was in a barn, the elegant red-velvet wedding cake was designed to look like hay!

 CAPTION:  "From the moment Tyler and I got engaged, we started asking who was going to be his best man," says Brienne.  "Tyler just started rattling off all these guys.  Finally, I stopped him and said, "You do realize that you've already given me 10 names."


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