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Tyler Christopher
Nikolas, General Hospital

While Nikolas perched like a gargoyle atop Wyndemere, Tyler Christopher portrayed his emotions as even uglier.

Nikolas sat in his chair like a smug spider in a web as Rebecca approached and he sprung his trap.  Nik produced an envelope, withdrew a check and discarded it.  Christopher's voice rose as he read the sum:  "One. Million. Dollars." He chucked at her relectance to accept it, even as he waved the check and flicked it in her face.  "It's never been about anything other than the damn money," Nik railed as Chriistopher pounded a finger on the desk.  "You get out of my house!"

Rebecca insisted on sharing her story, so Christopher's face screwed up with annoyance and he accented Nik's mocking of her with hand gestures, whistling, clapping and mimicking Ethan's Aussie accent.

Elizabeth later found Nikolas drinking on the parapet, and Christopher played a low-key drunk, hunched, and heaving great signs.  Christopher grimaced as Nik slugged down his booze and squinted into the distance, addressing Liz without looking at her.

When Nik clambered off the stone, Christopher slouched and grasped it for support.  "Rebecca made a fool out of me," he admitted.  Christopher played Nikolas as worn out after reliving his pain,; his voice was a quiet rasp, his movements sluggish.

Nik impulsively kissed LIz passionately, but when she broke it, Christopher hid his face, buttoned up his shirt and crossed his legs in shame.

At one point, Liz grabbed Nik's arm, and he wrenced it away, commanding, "Don't touch me!"  No one could touch Christopher this week.   JD

Soap Opera Weekly
September 15, 2009


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