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While GENERAL HOSPITAL's haunted prince, NIkolas Cassadine, is getting darker by the minute (seducing his brother's one true love is a clear sign), his portrayer Tyler Christopher, is getting a whole lot of light shined on his life, thanks to his new baby boy.  Talk about life not imitating art! "It's pretty special," Christopher says of fatherhood.  "It puts so many things in perspective"

Two bad having a little one around the house didn't do the same for Christopher's GH alter ego.  "you'd have to watch nearly every episode to know that Nikolas even has a son," he laughs.  "It's kind of a running joke around [the studio] how bad of a father he is."  The same most definitely cannot be said of Christopher himself.  While he was at wife Brienne's side, baby boy Greysun James was born on October 3 after 21 hours of labor.  The new dad is aglow with his uber-happy home life with both wife and son.

"I got a good one," he smiles, speaking of his wife of a year.  "Now that we have a son together, she's transition into it so naturally.  It was the natural order of progression for us.  Once you start seeing [the baby come], I can't even describe the feeling.  You're happy, scared, every emotion all at once.  Your first instinct is to make sure he's all right.  Five fingers, give toes.  It's really up until you get comfirmation that everyone is great that it's kind of frightening."  But after cutting the umbilical cord and seeing the smile on Brienne's face when their son was placed in her arms, the nerves subsided.  "the miracle that we created together is finally here," he says.  "it just ties everything together -- why you're with someone and the task ahead."

Then there's the flip side of the coin -- Nikolas.  Feeling unequipped to parent a child, he pretty much has handed his sone, Spencer, over to the nanny and the handlers and said, "You take care of him."  Just one more thing to illustrate Nikolas' unconscious commitment to "becoming" a real Cassadine.  But that's not such a bad thing, really.  "The characters that are flawed are the most interesting to watch," Christopher says.  "We, as human beings, are all flawed.  It's easier to identify with sombody who finally, after all these years, says, 'Wow! I didn't see that one coming."

In fact, the transformation brings up all sorts of possibilities.  Like, what would transpire if he chose his desire for Elizabeth over his love to his brother, Lucky?  "I think a long-term goals is to reignite the feud between the two families, which was huge years ago," Christopher says of the Spencer/Cassadine war.  "What better way to do that than to start sleeping with your brother's wife?  It brings Luke into it as well.  His first instinct, obviously is to protect his son.  So then we'll have that back to the way it was, too."

The "that" in the quation is the return of Jonathan Jackson as Lucky.  While there was some chance that viewers would accept a Nikolas victory in the Nik/Liz/Lucky love triangle with Greg Vaughan as his half sib, Christopher is very aware that, with Jackson back, the scales tip in Lucky's favor.  "The fact that Jonathan is now playing Lucky will, as it should, now shift toward them," he acquiesces.  "It's nothing against anybody else who's played Lucky.  It's just that Jonathan stared that role and they created that couple together.  But we're not going to give up on the story just because of that.  That's what makes it better."

Still, there are a handful of diehard Lucky/Liz fans that went beserk when it was even hinted that Nikolas would have an affair with his former and future sister-in-law.  "The big knock on the story from the beginning was that Niolas would never hurt anybody that he loved, let alone a family member, meaning Lucky," Christopher explains.  "I knew people were going to start ripping both Elizabeth and Nikolas for that.  I never go on-line, but I finally did and I wrote a blog about it. What I said was to hang on, that what he was doing was completely wrong, and it's terrible and it's disgusting.  But as the storyline plays out, you'll see why he can't stay away from this woman.  It's more than just lust.  As it grows, you'll see why he's willing to sacrifice everything for this woman.  That's where this story is."

--Rosemary Rossi



 ...ON HIS GH FAMILY REUNION:  "Jonathan has always been a man well beyond his years," he smiles.  "Even when I first met him.  He was 14 and I was 23, but we were friends and hung out.  Either I was really immature and still a child, or he was very mature."




..ON HOW IT FEELS TO BE THE NEW STEFAN:  "Nikolas' biggest fear has always beenbecoming a true Cassadine, as he tends to put it, says Christopher.  "He's always been prophetic about that.  That, in fact, is where he's going, and Ilike it.  Maybe that's what we're trying to bring back -- that element of evil."



...ON DOING LOVE SCENES WITH REBECCA HERBST (ELIZABEHT):  "It's weird doing love scenes with anybody," says Christopher, who has been friends with Herbst for some 13 years.  "The fact that it's Becky doesn't make it any more uncomvortable.  If anything, it's better to do it with somebody you have a friendship with already than some stranger off the street."




...ON THE OUTCOME OF THE REBECCA STORYLINE:  "When you put something together, you hope myriad things are going to happen from that" say Christopher.  "Oh, Emily's gone.  We killed her. [Bleep.]  We could really use that dynamic couple back.  Let's do this and see what happens."




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