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Months of secrets and lies finally catch up with GENERAL HOSPITAL's Elizabeth this week when hubby-to-be Lucky finds out he's not the only man in her life...let alone in her bed.  Fasten your seatbelts, because things are about to get bumpy!

Exit Strategy
As the week beings. Nikolas has decided that his best move is to get outta Dodge -- or Port Charles, as the case may be.  But before he can take off for Europe, Ethan storms aboard the Cassadine jet to accuse him of going after the recently-departed Rebecca.  Of course, nothing could be further from the truth, but Ethan has no way of knowing that.  In the meantime, Elizabeth finds out from her lover's trusty manservant, Alfred, that Nik is about to leave town.  Rushing to the airport, she stops Nikolas from leaving and admits to him that she's suffering from a classic case of loving two men at the same time.  Agains his better judgment, Nik gives in when she begs him not to leave.

Unfortunately, Lucky seems finally to have caught on that there's something rotten in Denmark.  "Lucky knows that Nikolas has feelings for Elzabeth," explains Jonathan Jackson (Lucky).  "But he has no idea babout the affair or anything that's happened.  He confronts Nikolas from that perspective."

Instead of revealing the whole truth, Nikolas goes along with Elizabeth's claim that his feelings are one-sided.  But even this doesn't sit well with his bro.  "Lucky feels betrayed," admits his portrayer, especially because of the pair's often-rocky past.  "He and Nikolas have worked so hard to get to where they are!"


Lucky Lashes Out!
Fresh off his anything-bu-friendly chat with Lucky, Nikolas goes to Liz and begts her to come completely clean with her finance, not so much because Nikolas feels guilty but rather because he wants her to dump Lucky and be with him!  As this is going on, Lucky takes his anger out on pretty much anyone who has the misfortune of stumbling across his path.  The first person to feel the brunt of his anger is ex-girlfriend Sam, followed by Jason.  After apologizing to them for his misplaced fury, Lucky goes to Lulu and asks if she knew about Nikolas' feelings for Liz.

"He's looking for answers," previews Jackson.  "There have been times in his past where people have kept things from him, like the fact that he's not Jake's biological father.  So he's a little bit paranoid when he starts finding out information that people haven't communicated to him directly."  As a shocked Lulu denies having known anything about it, Liz is telling Nikolas that she still intends to marry Lucky!

Lulu To Nik:  Get Out!
As word of the situation spreads, loyalties are divided...and not necessarily down the lines one might expect.  For example, when Nikolas has a heart-to-heart with Elizabeth's brother, Steve admits to thinking that his sis should walk away from Lucky before any more damage is done!  As the men are talking Lulu swings by the "chat" with Liz, tearing into her for leading Nikolas on!  Eventually, Lulu goes to see Nikolas, suggesting to him that htere is only one way to handle the situation:  for him to do as he originally planned and get out of town for an extended period.  This time, Nikolas agrees and begins making plans to do exactly that.

Worried about his little sister, Steve pays Elizabeth a visit, admitting he truly believes she needs to set Lucky free.  That choice seems, however, about to be taken out of her hands when Nikolas calls to say that he's leaving town.  Learning that Nik is taking her advice, Lulu urges Lucky to say farewell to their brother rather than l
eaving things as they are.  And it is perhaps that suggestion that sets in motion a chain of events that will change everything forever.  Because Lucky does go to see Nikolas...and instead finds out in the worst way possible the truth about his true love's secret life.  His reaction?  "Shock, hurt, devastated and then angry," says Jackson, adding that his alter ego's troubled history will no doubt impact the next arc of the story.  "The intensity of the betrayal and the devastation that it wreaks on Lucky certainly exposes him to a vulnerability to his history with addtction."  Which means that Elizabeth and Nikolas might want to brace themselves for Lucky's vengeance, 'cause you can bet it won't' be pretty!'












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