New Role for Tyler! (Soaps In Depth)

GH's Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) has booked the lead in an independent film that will take him out of Los Angeles and to Arizona for the entire month of May.  But will it also take him out of Port Charles?

The IN Depth Story:  The film is called Shouting Secrets, and its definitely going to be a must-see for Christopher fans.  "[The matriarch of a Native-American family is] sick and in the hospital, so it brings some of the family together and pulls fome of it apart," says Christopher, who plays Tushka, one of her sons.  "It forces everyone to deal with some of the demons that have haunted them throughout their lives.  In the end, it ultimately forces everyone to come together again."  And what demons will Christopher's character be dealing with?  "He's trying to find ways to forgive himself for having an inappropirate relationship with an underage girl.  He struggles with the legal implications it comes with and the embarrassment and shame to his wife and to his child.  He wants to get back the relationship with his wife he once had."

But for those of you worried that the movie - which also starts Chaske Spencer of the Twilight Saga: New Moon fame -- means less Nikolas, there's good news!  "GH was kind enough not to write me out of the story," Christopher explains.  "Instead, they put all of my scenes in one [shooting] day a week."

Soaps In Depth
Page 11
May 17, 2010 issue
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