Just Asking

Tyler Christopher
(Nikolas, General Hospital)

my first celebrity crush:  Alyssa Milano. Then I got to work with her [on Charmed] -- when does that happen?

earlies childhood memory:  For some reason, my 3rd birthday.  I have no idea why, nothing really spectacular happened.  I remember getting a cake and blowing out candles and that's it.  It's all been a blue ever since.

fear I would like to conquer:  I just did overcome the fear of open ocean water.  And I did scuba diving a couple of years ago; that's something I swore I'd never do.

if I weren't an actor, I'd be:  involved in athletics somehow -- as a coach, or something to do with administration.  Having been a college athlete, my aspirations to go beyond didn't happen.

biggest mistake I ever made:  not fninish college.  Wellk, I wouldn't say it's a mistake; I'd say it's a regret.

something people would be surprised to know about me:  I'm a big foodie.  I studied cooking and culinary arts, and I'm a big food snob.

question most often asked of me:  "What happened to your arm?"  I have a big scar on my left arm; I broke my arm some years back.  I'm getting tired of answering that one.

strangest fan encounter:  A fan at the Daytime Emmys in New York City ran across the street to kiss me on the mouth; past all of the NYPD.  She was pretty relentless.

one thing I want to do before I die:  There are several things, but the main thing is to raise my son (Greysun James) and send him off toward a good life.  If I've done that,then I've done on thing right.

person on my show I'd call if I needed bail money:  It would have to be somebody I could actually get hold of; nobody ever picks up their phone!  I'll say Brian Frons [president, Daytime, Disney/ABC Television Group].

my epitaph:  nothing that emotion-involking; just my name and the dates.

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