Standout Scenes

These moments really caught us by surprise!

GH Nikolas Freaks Out Alexis!

"Stuffy" isn't generally a word used to describe GENERAL HOSPITAL's Alexis.  But when her nephew, Nikolas, the prince of the Cassadine dynasty, said he had "hired" Bensonhurst-born Brook Lynn to be his date for a swanky party in the south of France, the lawyer trembled at the thought.  "She's not the right match for this trip.  If she opens up her mouth, it could blow the whole thing for you," she warned him.  Just then, Brook blew in like a category-five hurricane, "So just know that that barn you have, it's bigger than my cousin Frankie's apartment," Brook joked.  Aleis offered words to the not-so wise.  "you should run," she told Brook.  "Run like the wind.  Flee this place while you still have the chance."  Brook was amused, to say the least Alexis continue, "I am so fond of NIkolas.  And I'm very fond of you, actually, which is why I'm going to tell you that I think it's probably a very bad idea that you go on this trip.  And he's a very poor prospect," Brook laughed it off:  "poor?  I don't think so."  Alexis tried to use Elizabeth as a cautionary tale of what not to do regarding Nikolas.  But Brook tossed it right back at her, "Elizabeth?  I'm not planning on getting knocked up anytime soon.  And while we're talking about this, 'Run, run like the wind' [business], do you know what image comes to mind?  you running away from the church when you were supposed to marry my dad."  Ouch.  Alexis 'fessed up to her quirk saying, "I'm nuts.  We're all insane, which again is another reason why you shouldn't get involved with Nikolas."  Luckily, everyone found her concerned reaction comical.  What a great mixture of the rpesent with the rich and often-funny past of a truly unique character, Princess Natasha Alexander Mikkosovana Cassadine aka Alexis Davis.

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