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General Hospital's Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) offers a crash course in Hollywood.

Tyler ChristopherAre you an aspiring actor, itching to get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth as to how to break into and "make it" in show business?  If your answer is yes but you have no idea where to begin your education, GENERAL HOSPITAL'S Tyler Christopher is the man for you!  He is one of three industry insiders who created Discover Me! a two-day workshop presented by his Hollywood Talent Group which provides actors of all levels with everything they need to know about pursuing a professional career.

Insider Info
Christopher, along with acting coach to the stars Taylor Sheridan and talent manager/film producer Ric Beddingtonfield, will not only advise actors about succeeding in Hollywood, he'll also give everyone attending an opportunity to audition for legitimate representation.  "We're trying to provide aspiring actors and actresses with insider information on how to break into the business and give them the trivial information they won't be able to find anywhere else," explains Christopher.  "We provide information that can cut thru the red tape andmake their experience more enjoyable, a little less stressful and get them a foot in the door sooner than somebody who just packs up their bags and comes here without any information at all."

How To...
You name the topic, they'll cover it!  "Where to live, where to work, where to get headshots, what pitfalls to avoide, how much money you should have before you come out here," Christopher says.  "Going to an audition, after auditioning, trying to find an agent, trying to find a managemer, getting the job, what to do once you're on the set, what not to do once you become successful, how to parlay that into more success and how to screw it up in terms of attitude and focus.  What the pitfalls are of having success and money.  Anything you wouldn't think of in coming to Los Angeles.  It's getting more and more difficult to get a job, much less maintain one and find the ultimate success that everyone seeks."

In The Know
One of the trickiest things about the industry is knowing who really has the inside track because they're experience and connected versus who's just making it up as they go along to make some extra cash.  With Christopher -- who brings 15 years of acting experience to the table -- and his partners, that's not a concern.  "Ric has been a manager for 30-plus years now, and he's looking for clients to represent," Christopher points out.  "nobody can offer that, unlike other companies who are charging thousands of dollars for unpromised dreams and don't have the connections or the real, on-the ground experience of what's happening today in this community."


Source:  Soaps In Depth
July 14, 2008

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