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Performer of the WeekIn his seven years at the helm, Tyler Christopher has taken prince NIkolas from soulful boy to a man with the aloof bearing befitting a member of a royal family.  But during Nikolas's recent bouts of unexplained rage, the usually in-command Cassadine came completey unhinged.

Christopher hasn't laid it on too thick with Nikolas's outburst.  In a controlled, slow build, Nik has gone from irritation to frustration to rage, his tantrums escalating in intensity.  But when Nik started experiencing blackouts, fear gripped his heart, as well.  Nikolas was befuddled when he came to in an alley holding a bloody knife. When he heard his enemy Jerry had been stabbed, the gravity of his situation hit him like a tone of bricks. As he quietly sought help for his condition, Carly's accusations set him off.  "If I were going to stab anyone, it'd be you for taking my son away from me!" Nik seethed, grabbing a nearby letter opener and holding it to Carly's throat.  Max overpowered him but the damage was done -- Niklolas's secret was out.

With a steely gaze, he pursed his lips and sat quietly in the aftermath, indicating Nik's helplessness without a word.  As he later confessed to Emily, his detachment was a form of denial -- if he didn't believe it, it must not have happened.

Christopher's restrained performance, even as Nikolas confided his terror, indicated the rolling emotion beneath the haughty demeanor.  "Apparently, I almost killed Carly tonight," he practically whsipered to Emily.  "My grandmother has people stabbed in alleys, Em.  Not me."

Christopher's portrayal of a man whose inner demons threaten to overwhelm him has us -- quite simply -- mad about him.

Soap Opera Digest--Nov. 18, 2007
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