Return Engagement

Return EngagementAlthough speculations flew that Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) would be leaving daytime to pursue a career in primetime, he recently penned a new deal with GH to stay for three more years.  Why the change of heart? Simple:  "I went more for stability and long term than I did for that unforeseen opportunity that may or may not be there," Christopher admits.  "I've been right on the brink, and I've been far away.  The push and pull can tear on your pysche.  At some point, you have to accept qaht this may be as good as it gets. That's not a knock on where I'm at or an excuse for not having the kind of success that I hoped for myself.  It's simply being grateful for what I have then letting things go. I came to the conclusion that I like it here.  I like the people, most of the time the work is great, and so long as I can do that and be involved with my theater, then I believe I can be happy."

Christopher is a huge Ohio State Buckeye Fan



Source:  Soaps In Depth
Soaps In Depth--November 6, 2007

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