The WEDDING Planner

The WEDDING PlannerHow would Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) like to start 2008? 

As a married man, that's how!  That's right, he and fiancee Brienne Pedigo are shooting for an early January wedding in Mexico.  The tricky part is that both the bridge and the groom are too busy with their crazy work schedules to actually plan it. 

"I've been out of town 80 pecent of the weekends in the last four or five months, and she's gone even more than that," he says of Pedigo, who is a pit reporter for the U.S. Augo Club racing circuit.  "It's so difficult to plan what we want, which is a destination in Mexico.  It's becoming a near impossibility.  We literally had to pick the venue without ever having seen it. 

We had to trust the opinion of somebody who had been there.  The plan is for a ceremony on the beach.  That's the plan.  But it could be in Alaska on an iceberg for all I know. It could change."

Soaps In Depth--10.9.07
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