Take Five With Tyler Christopher

Take Five With Tyler ChristopherWhat one person -- living or  dead - would you love to have dinner with?
"Marlon Brando would be the only one."

What advice do you offer aspiring actors?
"Acting is a bout acting. I'ts not about being a movie star. If you're not willing to sacrifice a whole hell of a lot, physically and personally, then it's probably not for you."

What's something people would be surprised to know about you?
"The tattoo that I have on my right arm is a cross, which Jonathan Jackson (ex-Lucky) gave me as a gift years ago."

What's your idea of a fun boys' night out?
"Dinner and margaritas at our favorite Mexican restaurant. I think we do that far too often [laughs]."

What's our favorite board game?
"Trivial Pursuit.  I'm all over that.  It's always fun when you get that one really random question that nobody knows and you manage to pull out the answers."

source:  Soap Opera Digest  --  5.8.07

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