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Outstanding performer for the week of Dec. 25

Family obligation weighed heavily on General Hospital's Tyler Christopher as Nikolas punished himself after his little prince was kidnapped.

Christopher slumped in a chair in resignation as Nikolas' eyes stared without seeing and he growled at himself for trusting Colleen with Spencer.  He mumbled at Lucky, then batted away a computer mouse in disgust before ranting to Emily.  "He's my son. It's my job to protect him!"

Nik'as frustration festered when Lucky and Cruz asked to re-interview him -- Christopher kneaded his brow, rolled his eyes and sighed.  He dismissed Emily's optimism with a stroke of her hair that was half-thankfule, half-patronizing.  As the haughty Cassadine heir bristled in the interview room, Christopher rubbed his face, waved his hands and tapped the table.  His eyes litted from one cop to the other.  "It's not money that she wants," Nik announced as he grimly took on the responsibility of having led Colleen on.  "It's me that she wants."  Christopher waived and crisscrossed his arms as he scolded the cops for not doing enough to find his child.  With a deep breath, Nik declared he would find Spencer himself and slammed his chair into the table.

Later, at the docks, he shooed the soothing Emily away.  "I don't want to calm down," he raged, his arms restrained in his coat pockets.  "How could I let this happen to my son?" Christopher pointed downard as Nik laid blamed at his own feet.  "He's gone," he gasped; Christopher choked and stumbled on the words.  When Emily defended the police, Nik screamed hoarsely, "They're not doing enough!" Christopher closed his eyes and shook his head against her rationalizations.  "I have to do something!"

Christopher did plenty, showing NIkolas has good reason to blame himself for visiting the sins of the father upon his innocent son.

Source:  Soap Opera Weekly  1.23.07

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