The Cassadine Prince in a TeePee

While living at Wnydemere, GENERAL HOSPITAL's Nikolas enjoys a lifestyle befitting his royal status.  However, his portrayer, Tyler Christopher, walked away from the good life for a bit in order to star in the 2005 Steven Spielberg miniseries INTO THE WEST on TNT.  "I played Jacob Wheeler, the son of a Lakota woman and a white for trapper," the actor explains of his character, who left home in the late 1800s to seek his fortune, only to discover his Native-American heritage while traveling the plains.

"He gets caught up in this whirlwind of [the legendary] General Custer -- he becomes a scout for Custer because he speaks Lakota," explains Christopher.  The six-episode drama, which went on to become the most Emmy-nominated program of the year, took eights months to make.  "They shot in Canada and New Mexico -- I'm in installments three, four and five," he recalls of the schedule that took some work to coordinator with his storyline on GH.  Christopher's standout performance in the sweeping tale can now be seen on DramaVision, TNT's new broadband videoplayer: and is also sold as DVD boxed set. Tyler Christopher in Into The West

Source:  Soaps In Depth -- October 24, 2006

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