GH's Christopher in Limbo

Tyler ChristopherDespite re-inking a deal to stay with GH for another year, Tyler Christpher (Nikolas) is awaiting word on whether his seemingly dead pilot, SECRETS OF A SMALL TOWN, will hit the airwaves as a mid-season replacement.  "I wish I had something [definitive] that I could say," Christopher sighs.  "The script is being reworked, but they haven't ordered any episodes.  My guess would be I'll know something before the end of August, because if they are going to order episodes, they have to assemble a crfew and get a shooting schedule going."

Christopher is quick to hedge that just because there has been renewed interest in the nighttime sudser, nothing is set in stone.  As he explains, "All I know is that the option was picked up by ABC/Touchstone to do 'question mark.'  They don't tell us anything.  The script is being reworked, but it could be reworked and they go, 'We still don't like it,' Or, they could go, 'Okay, we like it better that way.'"

What does this mean for Christopher's future with GH?  That's up in the air, too.  Says the actor, "[ABC] picked up the second half of the option, which in non-Hollywood terms means that they're holding all the actors until December, until they figure out what they want, if anything, to do with it. I should probably know in the [next] two to three weeks if I'm going to be on GENERAL HOSPITAL, so it's playing a waiting game and it's pretty nerve-wracking, to be honest with you."

Should SECRETS get the green light, could the actor possibly do both shows at once?  "No," he says.  "It would be an impossibility time-wise. I suppose you could because they're both ABC [shows], so if they wanted to work it out, they could.  But I don't think I'd want to do both. It would be really difficult."

Despite living in limbo, Christopher manages to keep a sense of humor about the situation.  "It's quite nice to have a job while you're trying to figure out what's going to happen," he smiles.  "I'm the only one on [SECRETS] who really has that luxury, other than Denise Richards, because she's getting half from Charlie [Sheen, in their divorce proceedings], so she doesn't have to worry [about money].

A GH spokesperson says, "As of right now, Nikolas remains a vital part of the canvas and it's simply business as usual."

Source:  Soap Opera Digest  --  August 15, 2006

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