Fight Club

Fight ClubAnyone watching the horrific scenes of GENERAL HOSPITAL'S Connor raping Emily could tell that it was no piece of cake to shoot. Punches were thrown, nails clawed, bodies flew.... It was ugly, and Tyler Christopher (Nikolas/ex-Connor) has the bruises to prove it! "I got beat up more than she did," Christopher says of his leading lady, Natalia Livingston (Emily). "I got my ankle cut really bad; I've got a bruise on my back; she stuck her nail inside my mouth and cut my gums. She got not one bruise!" Despite his own injuries, Christopher was more concerned that he'd accidentally hurt his real-life lady love in the violent scenes. "You have to know those ways of being physical with somebody and knowing that if you try to do it harder, it's not going to look harder on TV," he says. "It's like the guy who always says, 'Hit me for real or it will look fake!' That's bull. You don't need to do that. It's acting."

Soaps In Depth|*|March 29, 2005

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